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Monday, August 7

Well, we played our first *official* match on Sunday! It was fantastic. We lost to |TuF|, a mostly German team, who've played over 50 official matches, and hundreds if you count the other categories of "friendly" and "practice" matches. Despite the loss, it was a great day for {KS}, as we did much better than anyone might have expected. We managed the best score anyone has managed against |TuF| in a long time, ESPECIALLY considering our newish status. Go here to read my official after battle war report

It was like the first time you ride a roller coaster and the first time you have to speak or sing or act for hundreds of people all stuck together. At the beginning, I was damn nervous... I had nerves and forgot my moves and my tactics. Things were happening so quickly, it was like a blood-pumping dream. This feeling began to pass about midway through the first match and I was starting to get a grip on the sheer exhiliration.

To continue my comparison, just around the time I started REALLY loving it, it was over, and then all I could think was "let's go again!!!!!" The whole thing, from the time we jumped into |TuF|'s irc channel, till the time we all said goodbye and left their server, lasted just over 2 hours... but I wanted MORE! I now have this incredible hunger for actual clan matches, and public servers seem a bit boring by comparison.

After the match, we all got together in our chat room for an hour or so to discuss and kinda relax after the game. Everyone was generally upbeat, though KiNgDOM seemed at first shocked at the outcome.

We were supposed to have a match with the #1 ranked team on ClanBase, the BoilerHeadz (except they aren't #1 on the ladder they challenged us on, which is ProvingGrounds), but unfortunately, they forfeited their own challenge. Ugh. I'm going to have to go before Jalis and Binary (admins at PG) and the clanleader for the undisputed DOM champions in another ladder and argue our case.

We have a match on Friday I'm REALLY looking forward to against Assassins Anonymous (AA). They're from US, and the #1 ranked player in the world, Domino, is their leader and driving force. It'll be tough, but we have a great chance. If we make it past AA with a win, we will have earned a TON of respect in the community. If we lose, it will be another learning experience. AA generally has a much more well-rounded game than |TuF|, though they also aren't near as devestating with shock combos.

We have a new member as well, named Mrukk. Doesn't inspire fear in me either, but he's well-spoken and quite a sportsman-like player, as well as being someone who I think could contribute to our mission once we get him up to speed.

If you wonder why I go on and on about my clan, and never report anything about my actual life, well, I don't care. It's my diary and I'll write what I want and this is what I want right now.

I have some good friends in {KS}. I talk to Spectre daily and DOM almost every day. Sir Robin and I talk music and computers often, while Skold likes to talk strategy and new ideas for the game. Mrukk I know from the PlanetUnrealForums, where we got into some great discussions. WarHammer works for Microsoft!!! That's right, he even lives in Redmond, WA. He's our grandfather, at age 37. ShadowPsi and I talk quite a bit too. He's 15 and a normal kid but he has amazing potential.

But since you asked: I just got another job from the Census, doing stuff with their computers (that's all she said) for two weeks. Should be good for oh 700-800 dollars after overtime, gas, and taxes. Not a bad little deal. I don't think it'll cut into my clan time too badly, and it's only two weeks besides. I'll have a week and a half left before good ole school starts up again (college). No... I'm not looking forward to school...