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Twilit Bullshit--Gah... Get Asso...

I've never actually had a 56K download work in Napster. They ALWAYS get to 99 percent and then Transfer Error! Of course, you can't really tell what connection someone has, they can select T3 even though they're using a 7 year old modem...

Saw Go and Pleasantville finally on DVD, discovered the magic DVD copy protection when I tried to get a couple tape copies...

PV was beautiful and not too depressing. Go was ugly, Tarantinonian, deserves a second look. 10 Things was pretty heavily depressing. I try to avoid, plague-like manner, teenage/high school pics, with bootifull peeps and fun affluence, but here it was selected by my brother and there I watched it. It was just way too cool for my consumption.

I want a Duron 700 (overclockable to 816 easily, maybe more).

Reading Infinite Jest.

Godiva makes ice cream now.

Aimbots are invading UT.

I have a small toy megaphone from the Census Bureau.

No rain, 74 days.

The organopsychedelic muscimole, an isoxazole-alkaloid derived from Amanita muscaria, a.k.a. the fly agaric mushroom--by no means to be confused with phalloides or verna or certain other kill-you-dead species of North America's Amanita genus goes by the structural moniker 5-aminomethyl-3-isoxazolol, requires about like maybe ten to twenty oral mg. per ingestion, making it two or three times as potent as psilocybin, and frequently results in the following alterations in consciousness: a kind of semi-sleep-like trance with visions, elation, sensations of physical lightness and increased strength, heightened sensual perceptions, synesthesia, and favorable distortions in body image.