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Things that make you go...

Well, Ivan Ivanov of Bulgaria was stripped of his silver medal today in Sydney. Tested positive for a prohibited diuretic called furosemide. Diuretics can be used to "remove the evidence" of the use of performance enhancing substances.

There exists a group known as The World Anti-Doping Agency.

Ivan Ivanov had won the silver in his weight class in weightlifting.

Signifigance? I had a friend in my previous town named Ivan Ivanov, also from Bulgaria. Not everyone from Bulgaria is named Ivan Ivanov, though, I expect, but everyone I've ever heard of from Bulgaria has been named Ivan Ivanov.

A great pro football game can be a real chessmatch. I enjoy watching NFL for much the same reasons I enjoy watching and playing in UT team games (CTF, DOM, TDM, Assault, Weapons Factory). There's just so much going on, so much thinking, tons of practice outside of the game/match, tactics, defensive and offensive strategies, individual performances and team efforts, unlimited variation, and always something new. Just as in a football game, a CTF match can have its highlights, keys to the game, MVPs, surprises, momentum swings, and bad decisions. This is not to say that both NFL and UT don't have their really bad, boring, blow out games too from time to time.