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Got some interesting feedback today from one of the few people who sees this. She says I don't write about what's happening in my life. She wonders why "no-dates" and "/nt". Note: this was before I added titles and took out "no dates"She thinks I'm strange, although that was a determination made long before I started this.

So this is an aside.

Reason I don't write about what's happening in my life:

First of all, I have to disagree somewhat. I talked about my kitchen bicycle. I talked about RA mapping. I talked about motorcycles. I talked about fat people. I talked about syntax and usage. I talked about UT. I talked about Ivan. I talked about rotary engines. I talked about a cricket. I talked about my DSL. I talked about the organopsychedelic muscimole. I talked about movies.

Second, mayhaps there is little happening in my 'life'.


Just what it sounds like, actually. Sometimes I don't feel like giving a date or time, or a creative nuance.


No text. Sometimes I don't feel like giving a title.

One day this week I am to be with my friends in Plano, meaning John and whoever tags along. On Saturday I am to attend Indy Car time trials at Texas Motor Speedway, with a VIP Pass. I can meet drivers and see cars up close. If it doesn't rain. Soon I am to make a decision about: motorcycle, work, school. I have a new guitar and amp, but I don't know how to play. I have almost payed for a Voodoo5 bought months ago. My car manifests an extra 20-25 HP in 40 degree air, although starting becomes unusually iffy. Motorcycles are quite a bit more dangerous in the cold. Cold, hard tires, condensation on roads. Napster has stagnated my music collection. Why buy when it's free on Napster? But if it's not on Napster? My family's 14 year old dog was put to sleep this week. Sade, like the singer. I drove the Corvette last week. The clutch was springy, the engine was too quiet, the steering a tad too light. The torque was impressive, the seat was outstanding, the 500 watt sound system was good. Two weeks ago I was stopped by the police for no other reason than that I was out driving at 3 am. I despair of ever finishing Infinite Jest. I returned to Gamespy Speakeasy CTF last week with my brother, met some old friends, had some outstanding games. I haven't lost my ability to dominate a public game when need be. My brother has a new girlfriend, Valerie. I got "Valerie Loves Me" for him. He broke with Crystal. She was blatantly usurious, she reminded me of M in many ways. I went to a cool show in Dallas called "I Love Math". They took requests. I've halted mapping for a while. 432 doesn't work with 1.42, and the next RA won't even be the same as GotY, and the RA 1vs1 ladder on PG has gone from 38 players to 20 in 3 weeks, so I'm putting it on hold. I saw a couple people I haven't seen in years last week. Morrissey has a song called "We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful". I learned how to make real html/url tags on PuF. My sister just bought her boyfriend's Toyota Camry. My brother has already been pushed down and hit a few times in 7th grade. I use Sandalwood Incense. It is cold, I can't play basketball anymore. I have a powered antenna, so limited TV access. I get 3 channels. Charley Jones seems to be in an uproar lately. He said "look, if you want to do a monologue, than I suggest you get your own show". He was never like that at 3:33 am. I saw "A Simple Plan". I am losing my French. That is enough.

This is not a real diary. I write here, much of it for myself. For safe keeping. I could have just written it to a text file or on a piece of paper. And but so the thing is, many diaries here are written with the idea that others will read the words foremost in the writer's mind. There is nothing wrong in that. Some of it becomes for show. An attempt at wittiness for the benefit of the known readers. Some of it is a nice way to keep friends up to date with the goings on in one's life. I just like to have fun with it, and use it for storage. Typing is different than writing with a pen, sometimes better, sometimes not. But this is not a real diary. I would not publicly display my real diary, would I?

On a different note, the one thing I would like to add to my page is an EZBoard. The kevynwight forum. That would be a good place to euphemistically call me a robot or an idiot without having to do it over the phone or face to face.