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I no longer enjoy talking politics with people I consider friends or friendly acquaintances. This is not new, I've felt this way for a year or more. It only causes problems and the pseudo-adrenaline rush I used to get from intelligent, heated debates is gone. I now intentionally shy away from trying too hard to prove a point and instead get tongue-tied and non-confrontational. I agree alot. Yet, in the past week, I've had political discussions/disagreements with two different (and vastly polarized politically) groups of friends.

It shouldn't be a big deal. It's just politics. Except I'm a political science major. And I care. I'm also rusty. And though I read the news each day and listen to public debate on current events both local and national, I'm relatively out of touch. So I'm going back over my notes and rethinking things (and often coming to the same conclusions), and writing an essay for myself on exactly what it is I think and why I think it. It is a way of refocusing myself on what it is I'm going to school for, putting forth my views without having to compete with other, louder voices and handsomer faces, and reaffirming for myself that what I believe I believe because of what is to me irrefutable logic and a solid foundation of ideas which arguably began with the writings of my favorite political philosopher, John Locke. I will post it here on or after Election Day.

For now, I will leave the issue with this quote:

"A man who is not liberal in his 20s has no heart... a man who is not conservative by his 30s has no brain..."

Also, here are my favorite TV shows, which in my case would be the only things I ever bother to watch. This takes into account only the last few years.

Northern Exposure

The Simpsons



Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Star Trek: Voyager

ZDTV, now called TechTV
Fresh Gear
Call for Help

CNN Headline News

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