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This is not the promised essay on the current political landscape, this is a rant I've busted out very quickly.

So Gore went down to Florida and told all the old folk that that mean ole George Bush was gonna take away their money. Scared em all. And now we have this damned recount. Whoever gets Florida, at this point, wins.

If Gore wins, we all lose. Mortgaging the future. Yay, let's pay for people not to work. Yah, new government programs, increase spending for EVERYTHING!! Yah, that's what we need, isn't it? Let's grow the government like yeast. Let's throw out the Constitution and Federalist Papers and become a democracy, or better yet, a socialist territory. Let's police the world. Hey, let's ban the internal-combustion engine! Let's keep social security the way it is now, completely publicly-funded! Won't it be fun to watch all the baby-boomers retire and our taxes skyrocket? Oh, it'll be a beautiful quandary. Will we go bankrupt? Will our taxes double? Triple? Quadruple? Or will social security just blow up? Let's put ourselves completely into the hands of the government. We don't need our own money! The gov knows better! They know how to spend our money! Look what a great job they're doing now!! They should take care of EVERYTHING!! The government is obviously more equipped to run your life than you are! It's the government's responsibility to make sure you have a good life, not yours!! Forget all this damn personal responsibility and individual liberty stuff. I don't mind half of my hard-earned paycheck going to support people who don't want to work. It's fine with me if we pay for millions of 3rd-generation welfare recipients! I don't mind if the government tells business owners exactly how they are going to run their own business. They should be more than willing to hand over the reins. Who really wants to own his own business or property anyway? Yah, I want nationalized health care!! Nothing wrong with that! The HMO system we have now is going great, is it not? Let's go all the way!! One HUGE, overbearing, all-encompassing HMO run by the government. Yah, we'll have some great healthcare then. You can believe that! It's perfectly fine if some barely-graduated-highschool (no offense to anyone intended) HMO yutz is making the medical decisions for the doctor. It's all paid for!! That's what's important! And it won't cost **that** much... will it?? We don't really need the ability to decide which doctor we go to. That's not important. What's important is the government knows best and is all-knowing and all-powerful. And why do we pay doctors so much, anyway? Why the heck is medical school so damned expensive and rigorous? We should reduce the quality and time required in medical school and pay the doctors less. Make it easier to become a doctor (simultaneously making it more worthwhile for the best and brightest to do something else besides going into medicine). After all, who are all these filthy rich doctors riding around in a different Rolls-Royce or Ferrari for each day of the week? How dare they think they can make so much more money than someone who works in a gas station or flips burgers! What right do they have to think they should be able to practice medicine without completely ignorant HMOs making all the calls? Earning money, investing money, working hard, taking pride in your work, spending your money on yourself and your family and your friends, these are all evil things, right? What right do they have to think they should be able to keep most of the money they make in the private sector? What about all the poor dropouts? All those people too lazy to work? All those who've made the wrong choices? All those who want instant gratification and won't work hard for any long-term goals? All those who think they can have as many babies as they want with impunity whether they have the means to support them or not? Don't THEY deserve the same amount of compensation???????????? Who cares if this country was founded by rebels, lawbreakers, revolutionaries? Let's get the thought police out in full force. While we've got the government doing everything else for you, let's also let them tell you what movies you can watch, what games you can play, and what you can think. And let's equip the real police with the ability to stomp any where they want. If you're not doing anything wrong, why should you care if they break into your house under cover of law? Why should you care if they install devices in your car to monitor your speeds and gas usage? As long as you're doing what they say (abiding by their laws), why should you have any problem with it? After all, many members of the music industry are liberal, right? Much of Hollywood is liberal right? Harvard is the "last bastion of liberalism", right? How can you argue with musicians and actors and Harvard grads? It's so uncool to not be green. Why do you want that gas-powered engine, anyway? You don't enjoy it, do you? Why do you want to ride your motorcycle? Sure, it gets 70 miles to the gallon and is cleaner than a Honda Civic, but you're being selfish if you actually enjoy it. Give it up. Government knows best. You're destroying our planet. Why would you want to drive or ride faster than the soon-to-be-mandated-by-the-liberal-run-EPA-55-mph-Texas-speed-limit? You should rejoice that the government in its infinite wisdom is again showing you the right way.

Ugh. Okay, I'm trying to see the bright side... Look, I've said it before... I wanted to vote Libertarian. But this one was too important.

I despise the Christian Coalition and their agenda and influence (on Constitutional grounds--Jefferson said, "If my neighbor on the right believes in 100 gods and my neighbor on the left believes in no god, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."). I support the NRA's right to exist though I don't like many of their methods and I'm not someone who gives a big "hell yah!" when I hear Charleton Heston speak. I agree in general principal with what some members of the NRA hope to do, which is simply protect the 2nd amendment. I'm generally against the death-penalty, for financial reasons. It costs far more to keep a felon alive on death row and grant him infinite appeals for 18 years than it does to simply keep him in general population for 30 years. I'm sharply pro-choice. I don't think abortion is a good thing, but I'm a realist and I support full sex-education and birth-control and I despise paying for children who should never have been conceived in the first place by parents who if I had my way wouldn't even have earned their parenting license (yes, I see the irony in "parenting license" and yes, that means my ex-gf, who received many many thousands of dollars in free health care courtesy of tax payers should never have had a baby and before you cry "hypocrite", remember that I was not the biological father). I fully support the right to die. I believe Dr. Kevorkian (despite overwhelming public opinion to the contrary) was a pioneer in human rights. I support gay rights. So does Dick Cheney, although Bush has said he does not favor legalizing gay marriage. I would hope that issue could stay a State's issue, which is where I believe the majority of the political power should reside anyway. I am not a supporter of the Drug War. That is a matter for another post. But know that both major parties are fully entrenched in support for the useless drug war. All I will say is that the war on the drug problem is precisely what has CAUSED the drug problem. And I'm certainly no great fan of George Bush. There are some things to dislike about the party, the campaign, and the candidate. I've outlined most of the things I don't like about the party and the platform. The campaign, well, that's all done with and was pretty much what was expected. As far as the man himself... well, he has an accent. Big deal. So do most people given the right company. One of the things I worry about is his tendency to get tongue-tied under pressure. I can understand that, as I experience the same phenomenon. There's no doubt he's a smart man, but can he be smart in office? I hope we can find out. Because when it comes down to the governing ideas, Bush wins in my mind by a landslide. He is the only true American among the two major candidates, if an American is defined by his ideas in relation to the way this great country was designed. Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan, Harry Browne... Nader is the only who had an effect on the outcome, I believe. This would all have been over last night had Gore not worked hard to scrape Nader's supporters out from under him. The man will say and do anything. He's a liar, like Clinton. The difference is, he's a stupid liar, not particularly good at it, gets caught all the time, then lies again. Sort of like a 6 year old. But, since he's much smarter than you, you should believe him. He lies as a way of life, like Clinton. Also understand that Clinton is relatively moderate, while Gore is a tax-and-spend-and-tax-and-spend-and-spend-and-spend liberal the likes of which we haven't seen in many decades. All these things became crystal clear during the debates. On a sidenote, Mr. Dick Cheney is the candidate most desireable in my eyes. Had this been Gore/Lieberman vs Cheney/Bush, the choice would have been even easier. Cheney is what they call "fiscally conservative, socially liberal".

So, bright sides if Gore wins... First, the fact that the Senate and House are still GOP-biased means that (if there's any justice) not alot of Gore's huge social programs will be passed. Many of the more moderate Democrats in the Senate will oppose these destructive socialist ideas. Second, the fact that Gore may make a couple Supreme Court appointments means that abortion rights may be upheld (not that Bush/ Bush appointments would necessarily in any way work to overturn RvW; Bush is not a hardcore pro-lifer). Although (and it does depend largely on exactly who he appoints) on other issues, I shudder to think what Orwellian decisions could come down the pipeline from a Gore-appointed Supreme Court. And his cabinet appointments and various agency appointments could be devestating. Third, Gore could cause severe damage to the Democratic party and seal the outcome of the 2004 election. Fourth... there isn't anything else. Ahh, I have one: I will take much more interest in my major (political science) and the day to day goings-on of the White House and Capitol Hill. I will be more politically active and vigilant. Some of the issues nearest and dearest to my heart include Social Security, debt management, healthcare, and the justice system. We must privatize Social Security. We must use budget surpluses to pay debt, not increase spending on 10 billion social programs or grant sweeping, premature, debilitating tax cuts. Both of these measures are different ways of using a budget surplus to garner votes, and, though the granting of tax cuts is obviously more advantageous than increased spending, there is an enormous built-in tax cut inherent in full repayment of the debt. We must keep the liberals' slimy hands off the healthcare system. We must adopt a "loser pays" scheme for the adjudication of private disputes. We must research the "professional jurors" system in use around the world.

If Bush wins expect Gore's lawyers to be out in full force shopping for electoral defectors and tying up vote counts for weeks.