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The recount finishes. Bush leads the Florida vote by 300 something. I finally see what is happening here. Gore has won already. If Bush gets Oregon, Gore wins 260-253. There's nothing saying you need 270. You just need a simple majority of all electoral votes cast. Therefore, because of the smarties in Palm Beach, Gore's lawyers will be able to tie up the Florida electoral votes well past the December 18 electoral vote-casting day (the irony is that no one in Florida will have their vote count).

There is hope, of course. Let's not forget that Gore's self-proclaimed popular vote victory is not a sure thing. There is a very substantial number of absentee votes yet to be tallied. I promise you that quite a lot of these will be votes for Bush, particularly those arriving from overseas. Given the closeness of some of the other state popular votes, Bush could even gain electoral votes. If Bush wins Oregon and then a mere 4 electoral vote shift occurs (a state with 4 electoral votes becomes a Bush state), with Florida in the grips of litigation by the slimy Democrats, a Bush victory would occur. It's a long shot...

I didn't see any Democrats complaining in 92 about Perot splitting the conservative vote and getting Clinton elected. Talk about popular votes... Clinton barely squeaked by with 39 percent of the popular vote in 92.

This notion of trying to fight for a re-vote is absolutely ridiculous. I think if you're old enough to vote you're old enough to read the goddamn ballot. In the unlikely event people are granted a re-vote, I'll officially be fed up with this country. A re-vote would be feckin unbelievable. Nevertheless, the Gore campaign promises to tie things up legally for as long as it takes. They will win. Al Gore is not the magnanimous man. He is Machiavelli's Prince.

Good bye, states' rights. Good bye, privatized Social Security. Hello, eventual socialized health care. Hello giant, bloated, all-powerful federal government. Hello gun control. My father may take early retirement if Gore is elected. That's not a good thing.