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Yah, I'm still thinking about this. Hey, things ain't goin so great... I need money, I got turned down for both jobs at the last minute so now I'm down to looking in the paper and making calls. My Mom still hasn't turned in my request for my transcript to be sent to UNT. My car has a flat tire. And this awful election debacle...

Heh. Bill Gates doesn't like the current administration very much. Electors are responsible for voting on December 18th. They are *supposed* to vote for whomever the popular vote in their district indicated.

What would happen if Bill Gates dropped $500,000,000.00 on each of the electors in a swing state in exchange for the electors changing their vote to Bush? Yes, that's Five-Hundred Million Dollars. Each. Could you resist $500,000,000.00? One month's conservatively-invested interest on that would net more than a well-paid person could earn in a lifetime.

Of course, I shudder to think what Gates or Larry Ellison could do to the political process should either decide someday to run for office. The couple-hundred million spent on each of the major campaigns this year would be meaningless. Gates could command, quite literally, BILLIONS. He or Ellison could... oh, I don't want to think about it, but it wouldn't be good...

There's just all kinds of crap going on now, way too much to put here... maybe I'll sum it all up a little later. I spent the greater part of the evening discussing things with my father and a friend and watching Ted Koppel's fascinating Town Hall Meeting. Learned a lot and saw the truly vast scope of the problems. There are now literally hundreds of separate issues and news stories related to this never-ending election.

My father came up with one hell of a great idea. I was duly impressed. I won't reveal it yet... I'd like to see if any of the talking heads come up with the same thing this weekend. It's not what you think, probably.

Please, will someone tell Jesse Jackson to stop his race baiting and demagoguery?! Martin Luther King wanted a nation where you weren't identified by the color of your skin. All Jesse Jackson sees is the color of your skin. He does nothing but drives a wedge between the races to legitimize himself and stroke his own ego. He is a fool and perhaps the greatest threat to racial harmony that we have in this country. I long for the day when people of all races see him for the bigot and hypocrite that he is.

And now, a little comic relief. No doubt everyone's seen these already, however, this is a diary, and as such, I'm building a record of events, right? Therefore, I feel these are appropriate.