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Well, dust did it again. Joined a ladder. With duo. Challenged a team. With duo. Set up times. And then didn't even bother to show up for the match. Nobody knew where the hell he was. Last time he set up the time and day and then decided to drive to Houston.

So 10 minutes before the match I had to go to #gdogs and tell {GD}Medusa that we were forfeiting. dust didn't bother to practice, didn't upgrade to 432, didn't even have RA 1.60. So tonight duo and I made a decision. We dropped the RA 2vs2 ladder, forfeited, kicked dust out of the clan, and decided to start recruiting for new members. I know the clan is Brothers of Darkness (BoD), but we're going to get some other people in here.

I want to coach CTF. I think I could do a great job with players who are at least decent and who will show up and follow directions for the good of the team.

So, we are recruiting. I know many UT players read this, if you're interested or know someone who might be, get in touch on PuF or 81689935 or email or the Proving Grounds forums or our website which should be up next week I think or on the pubs. We're looking first for players who are good sports and will play with class, win or lose. No cheat callers, llamas, aimbot users, skin cheaters, spawn snipers, etc... Good sports and nice people--friends. Next, we're looking for people who are reasonably reliable. Showing up for scheduled matches is a must. Showing up for at least one practice and/or scrimmage a week is also a must, though I'll probably have 2 or 3 a week. Finally, we're looking for someone who has playing experience; you don't have to have clan match experience or be the greatest player on any server you're ever on... but those who bought the game three weeks ago need not apply. We plan on a TeamDM team, and a North American CTF team, probably a TeamRA team, and possibly Domination and Assault someday if Eavy's Assault takes hold at PG. Maybe others too. Ladder play at ProvingGrounds. To start though, it's going to be TeamDM first and CTF soon after. Oh, if you have a pretty good server you're a shoe-in, hehe.

Well, we'll see how THAT goes.

Also, I "got" another job today. I'm a security guard for the Denton Regional Medical Center. Full time now. Part time during school. Maybe.

Also, what the hell is up with the weather? Every time I'm over in Fort Worth the weather is bad. I don't want to ride in the rain at this point. My dad is having too much fun on the little bike to just let me take it back to Denton. If it were mine I'd remove the mirrors, remove the passenger pegs, remove the stupid reflectors, use the dremel to remove the whole rear mudguard assembly and remount the license plate, remove the chainguard, remove the luggage clip/passenger grabrail, replace the tires with street tires, paint it, rejet the carb, advance the timing and put in a hot plug, and stiffen up the stock suspension settings. Yah. Fun little bike there.