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Will be riding the bike tomorrow. Got directions. It's way out there. Burleson. We'll see.

Check these out!

Yah! Polini Pocketbikes! Straight from Italy. They have 40cc two stroke engines, develop up to 12 HP, weigh under 50 pounds, have centrifugal clutches and disc brakes, and are raced in Italy. They'll go 45 stock, while the 12 HP model can be modified (gearing) to hit 75 mph. I'm trying to convince my father that duo needs one of these. How bout that cute little scooter model! It's called the Scooterino.

Saw a new video tonight. It was another German one. This guy spoke into the camera in German on the side of the road and then hopped on the bike (a Blackbird). He was right there on the side of the freeway. In most parts of Germany, people drive under 90 most of the time, but they still move right along compared to the US. So this guy takes off, and isn't even hitting it wide open at the beginning. He hits 303 KM/h at one point, which, correcting for speedo optimism, is about 274 or 170 mph. He hits 165 at the beginning in just about 20 seconds from start. He could have done it in 16, maybe less. It's quicker than virtually any car you will ever see on any road ever, and there are bikes that can do it in 13 in stock form.

But forget that. Numbers don't explain it as well as the camera. God damn that's quick! The other cars look like they're driving backwards. The guy doesn't even have his head down (you can see his reflection in the tachometer). Just an everyday blast up to 170 on the freeway. I love it. He uses his turn signals. The camera is incredibly stable, which shows how smooth and jitter-free that bike is. At one point there are two cars ahead driving right beside each other and you can see him deciding whether to split them, go on the outside, or slow down. He slows from 160 to 70 in about 4 seconds, perfectly stable. Then the guy in the Jaguar is nice enough to quickly move over and then it's back up to 170 real quick. Near the end "Danger Zone" starts playing. It was the first time that song has been cool in a decade. At the very end he stops on the side of the road and says something in German to the camera, and I know exactly what he means! All legal in Germany and actually pretty darn safe. I love Germany. I love bikes. And during that near full throttle sprint, he got better gas mileage than my mom's Saturn. I recommend everyone purchase a Honda Blackbird.

Over half of all Americans now own some form of stock. Man, am I glad I'm not heavily invested in the Nasdaq!! That place is getting hammered every day it seems.

Yah. Powell will be the Secretary of State if Bush squeaks in. McCain might be the Secretary of Defense. Bush has been delegating public appearances to Cheney and Baker. Gore has been on TV 13 times in the last couple days (not that I've seen all of them, I heard that on the news) He's becoming extremely annoying. He's pathetic. His public appearances are painful to watch.

My favorite album right now (I even have the CD!) is Built to Spill's Perfect From Now On. Each tune explodes in my head with golden goodness. I don't recommend it to anyone. It's taken me a long time to appreciate it. In fact, I thought it was a waste of $20 for the first two years I had it (the three other Built to Spill albums I've got on MP3 for free have evened everything out though; I got my philosophy). Now it's like cheesecake to me. You ever have an album like that? That you like a whole lot but can understand that no one else thinks much of it? Maybe I'm arrogant. You wouldn't like it. It's not very good. Actually, it's excellent, but you don't have the capacity to understand why this is so. Stay away. Leave my music alone. Don't even listen to it. I don't want to hear what you say. It's mine and I found it, I took the time to absorb the nuances and see the light. Yah. Anyways... that humble little CD is where it's at.