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Between the 454, the Stealth, 4 college classes, car repairs, and not working for months, I'm getting very close to broke.

So far everything is going smoothly as far as the uni registration.

I ordered Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, the boxed set, for $10 using a gift certificate I got for X-mas. To tide me over until I can get my hands on Baldur's.

I had another email of mine read on Charley Jones' show. It was about the rollover factor of SUVs. Yay, he said it was an excellent email.

There are 7 armed and dangerous escaped convicts on the loose. Somebody's going to make a movie...

I finally found somebody else who listens to Self and The Autumns. Guy on the cycle forums, and he also rides an Aprilia, so he has pretty good taste.

Last night I stuck around on LoGrav for quite a while. Those old maps are like favorite memories and that server is like Cheers. Lots of good sports there. Well, it's lo grav DM with relics and the translocator on some of the wackiest custom maps ever, it's all for pure love of the game. What fun.

Have I mentioned how cool PuF OT is? What a tight online community. Great people.

Tomorrow I'm going to "teach" my friend to ride his new bike. Unfortunately, it's still being broken in, so no hooligan antics...

I need a job.