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Made a new friend. A guy named Mark from a band called Dewey Defeats Truman. He's good friends with the guys from Three Mile Pilot!! Oi! He says I've beat him down many times on Speakeasy and he would appreciate it if I stopped smacking him up n down. Hehehe.

Went to International Relations tonight. I think I'm going to like that class alot. When a class hooks me, when it inflames me and riles me up, when I can bring something I believe or know from the real world into the discussion (even if only in my mind), this is when I am engaged and when the class becomes less work and more a priveledge. The prof is really good.

The way I see it, whenever I'm in school, my aging is frozen--time passes me when I'm not taking classes and working toward something and I start to begin feeling older, but school puts that feeling in stasis.

They caught some of the Irving convicts.

I mailed an email to Nintendo asking them why they are doing what they're doing. I actually got a response. But it was a form letter.

This next weekend will be my last free one for months, I think. After that it will be time to really hit the books hard until May. Ahh, May. Sun. Motorcycle. Sleeping in.