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By chance I walked down a different part of UNT today on the way home and found where everyone parks the motorcycles. There were a few older looking "CB175"-type bikes, but what stood out were the Honda F4, the Ninja 7R, the YZF600R, and a suh-weeeeet Ducati ST4. The F4 looked very well managed, so did the Duc. I just gawked for a couple moments and reflected upon how awesome it would be to, instead of having to hoof it home the three quarters of a mile, be able to climb on my sportbike and achieve warp speed down the straightaway... or at least go 20 mph on my scoot. Anyway, got to find out who rides those things, maybe we can go riding sometime. It really amazes me there aren't more bikes, actually. When you consider the extremely low cost, the easy maintenance, the bullet-proof reliability, the 50-60 miles per gallon, the laughable insurance, the hardcore fun factor, and the fact that they fit into tight spaces, you'd think more students would be riding. They do up north, that's for sure. Last summer when my father and carla were up in Massachusetts visiting, they went for a day-long ride with Doug and Carmen. This was the cherry part of the riding season, of course, but they saw in excess of 100 other bikes every hour on the roads. Try that here, you may see two or three other riders in a day.

Why in the hell do people feel like they can see your bike sitting in a parking lot and help themselves by sitting on it???? Or placing their son on it?? WTF??? Then they flood the engine by turning the throttle, rendering the bike unusable for at least 20 minutes. Wonder how these assholes would feel if I just jumped into their parked car and sat in the driver's seat for a couple minutes, turning the wheel and flooding the engine. I hear these stories all the time. All I have to say is I'm gonna be parking right up next to the store on the sidewalk and if I catch someone violating my property he's going to be coughing up his teeth all the way to the hospital. I'll test the impact resistance of my helmet on his face a couple times and drag the motherfucker off my bike.