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Wow, what the hell is wrong with the internet today? Half the sites are running buttah-smooth, half are just not there at all.

I had my first dress-out day for PE. Well, it's not PE per se, but it's just like PE in junior high, so I'll call it PE. We played basketball. I sank a couple shots and made several steals on this big n tall jock guy. But it kicked my ass, basically; got to get in summer shape for my winter PE class.

I heard an interview with one of the Irving 7. I was not impressed.

I got Fallout 1/2. Been playing 1 a little. It seems a bit sparse so far. I went and massacred an entire town of friends, so now I have to start over from an hour back. It has its good points but I can say it's just not as rich as Baldur's 2.

My official Superbowl prediction: Ravens 27 Giants 16.

Oh, by the way, Bush has been inaugurated. He is the president, and half the people don't like it. I thought his speech was clumsy. But I like what he's done so far: taken the initiative and put a freeze on all the Clinton bullshit that went down the last month and a half. For instance, Clinton went ahead and tried to declare 60 million acres, yes, 60 million acres federally-protected land!! Bush came in and put up his hand and halted it. He didn't say we're not going to do it. He's going to have it studied further and a more reasonable solution found. Turning 60 million acres into hiking trails with one fell swoop shows desperation, short-sightedness, and a lack of integrity... in other words, it's typical for Bill Clinton's final days. NOW, it's time for those tax cuts. It's time to cut some entitlement programs down to size. Time to end the overtaxation.

I just heard an exciting rumor. Well, exciting for my father, anyway. You see, he's always wanted a V-Max, ever since 1984 when Andy's father got his. He's just never gotten around to it. The bike has an unholy monster of an engine; it sounds like a supercharged Hemi V-8 with a three pack (it's actually a V-4 with V-Boost forced induction and a four pack), and the V-Max is known as the roll-on king. They used to do a test where the bike would be going 50 in top gear, and the rider would have 200 yards to yank the throttle open, and at the end of 200 yards they'd measure the new speed of the bike. This is top gear remember, acceleration from downshifting is much quicker. Even so, the V-Max had the highest roll-on speed in that test for many years. From 50 to 95 mph in just 600 feet in the top gear is still great performance for a stock bike.

Unfortunately, the bike is also rather heavy and handles sort of like a hippopotamus. Okay, it's better than a Hardley, but they've never really done much updating of the bike in 17 years. Also, this is the final year for the V-Max.

However, I heard that a new V-Max is in the works, with much lighter components and a whopping 2000cc engine!!! It hasn't been confirmed, but there's usually a lot of truth to these kinds of rumors. A 2000cc V-Max which weighs less than the old one?? Let's say that my father may be investing in a new bike! That would be awesome, I'd love to go riding with my father. Although he'd never catch me in the twisties (when I get my sportbike), and I'd never touch him on straight roads.

I sat on the ZX-6R again. Oh my, what a couch. The seat is some magical device, I wanted to sit there all day long. Gel seating, mmmmmm. I'm liking the yellow and purple mica more and more (the purple is black until it catches the light or sun at a certain angle). I sat on an RC-51, and the seat was like a wooden board. To the casual observer, those bikes may look very similar, but climb on board and the difference is night and day.