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I have seen Doom 3. I have seen the GeForce 3. The GF3 is 5 times faster than the GeForce Ultra. They say they can now do full screen anti-aliasing at 1600X1200 with better sampling than the best GF2/V5 level. The lighting in the Doom 3 sample was stunning. EVERYthing was per-pixel. The model detail puts Quake 3, Nocturne, Metal Gear Solid 2 and every other game to shame. The card itself is handling more of the calculations than ever before and it shows.

I REALLY wanted to invest in NVidia. I could have made a small fortune. If my calculations are correct, I could have made 10-15 thousand dollars in the last two years.

Today in Mass Comm. we watched clips from Star Wars IV, Star Trek 3, The Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, and several more.

Yahoo! My blood pressure, as measured three times in the last week (had it done today at the UNT health center as part of a class assignment), has dropped quite a bit over the past year. It's now in the "normal" range. Although I suspect there were some pronounced fluctuations rather than a linear decline. A clean bill of health is nice no matter.

It's odd. I'll be listening to 1080 in the morning after class (Charley) and this interference comes on every few minutes for a few seconds. I was used to it but this week I've actually been able to make out what the voices are saying. And I'm not amused. Some guy talking about killing black people ("N" word) is what I hear. I don't know where that sad sack of shit is or why I hear it intermittently.

Kramer and Twitch, two DJs who used to be on in the D/FW area, were suspended yesterday for encouraging drivers in San Jose, California (among other places) to basically drive into motorcyclists. The contention of these dipshits was that motorcycles don't deserve to share the road with cars. Uh huh. Oh yah, bikes take up so much room, don't they? And they're so dangerous to you shmucks in your 2 ton cages, eh?

Lane splitting on motorcycles is legal in California. In fact, it's encouraged and expected. Kramer and Twitch entreat drivers in traffic to open their car doors on lane splitting motorcycles. So in the newsletter I got, they mention a case where a guy decided to do just that. The result? The cage driver got a 600 pound bike in his lap (spinning rear tire first) and died gruesomely and the rider walked away with ZERO injuries while insurance bought him a brand new bike. Still, it would suck to have that happen.

But using the weight of the whole car is much more of a problem for a motorcyclist. These two lame idiots are basically asking their listeners to kill people on the road. I'd like to see someone try that on a motorcycle cop. What will the defense be, "Kramer and Twitch told me to"? Anyway... The airwaves, regulated by the FCC, are not the place to be broadcasting homicidal suggestions to hundreds of thousands of people. I think the classless fuckers should lose their jobs.