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Ooh, somebody else doesn't like my diary. It's too "impersonal", too much "motorcycle crap", too much news... As if I'm twisting your arm to read it.

Listen, I like to ramble on about bikes n stuff. I like to go back and read stuff like that weeks later. I like to talk current events. I don't care about anyone reading this--I don't lose any advertising dollars if my readership dries up.

Hey, want to see what my new car looks like? Click here.

The bike I'm trying to get my father interested in buying? Here, here, and here.

A scooter that only weighs 120 pounds for my brother and step-mom? Here.

I heard Tony Blair speaking yesterday and was struck by how intelligent and thoughtful he sounded. Why can't we ever have leaders like that? I guess Powell is the closest we have.

I'm getting pretty good at the Superbike 2001 demo. I can make it around the track without wrecking and I always come in first place now. I'm using the Sidewinder, but I really need a dual shock for analog brakes, throttle, and lean. I need to buy the game.

My sister and her fiance are about to buy a new house in Utah.

I was musing about moving to Europe. I don't like the direction things are heading in this country. Freedom is being given up every day.

Them Clintons sure are in trouble. Every day I read about something new!! Bill's brother and brother-in-law are both being investigated now...

I get stopped alot by cops who end up not giving me a ticket. I think I've been stopped about 40 times in my life. So far. But I've only gotten around 8 or 9 tickets. I really hate most cops.

My TV reception is pretty worthless. Most of the time I can't make out details and when it's cloudy and rainy I get massive static in the sound.

I have a pretty modest list of things I want to buy when I get some money (if?). Like stove undertrays. Like the new LF album. Like strings. Like fixing the bike. Like batteries. Like a USB cable for my scanner. Like those 6 videos I mentioned. I just want some cash, ya know? Some spending money, and not to sweat bills.

duo is trying his hand at creating a Fragball arena and it's driving me crazy.

SUVs should have a camera mounted on the front connected to an HDTV on the tailgate so I can see what the hell is going on in front of them. You should have to pass a special test to drive an overweight, oversized nightmare on wheels SUV, much like the special licensing required to operate a motorcycle. The test should be comparable to the motorcycle test, rather than the glorified parking test they use now. SUV drivers should be required to drive on the median on the expressway whenever possible. They have 4 wheel drive and will never otherwise use it. Why is it SUVs don't have to meet the same fuel efficiency and emissions standards as other vehicles? And lawmakers are going after motorcycles? Finally, I think the 40mph on the interstate, stop on the entrance ramp with blinker on, 4 lane change at a time old people should be tested. I'm not implying in any way that we should start clamping down on you just because you turn a certain age (I hate that mindset of lumping everyone into the same group just because of age and trying to protect you from your self), but some of those people probably shouldn't be driving, eh?