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Now I've seen Virtua Fighter 4. Not that big a jump from the last one, and the resolution and lack of anti-aliasing is starting to hurt. When I can play a game on my one and a half year old home computer at 10X7 with anti-aliasing and get 50 fps, a brand new expensive arcade system needs to do it too.

The cool bike pic of the day is here. '99 ZX-6 with custom paint and graphics.

Here is a nice-looking girl.

I've been listening to Catatonia.

Some people will never know the joy of scoring the winning cap on an overtime game on LavaGiant on Gamespy. Or the unbelievable frenzy of a lograv deathmatch on Homage to 7 or MorpheusTown. Or the eerie silence during a one on one game on Curse. Or the all-out warfare of domination on Cinder.

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