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Aight, somebody emailed me wanting to know if they were going to lower the legal age of consent now that girls are sexually capable by age 11. Pervert.

I have seen Gran Turismo 3. Looks okay. That game has some problems, hope they fix some of them for the PS2 version.

On Saturday I'm going to a Mavericks game. We get to sit in the luxury seats.

Bike pic of the day is here. That would be the Cagiva Raptor 1000, just another bike the US won't get. It's strange to see it in a field like that, it's decidedly NOT off-road worthy. Gorgeous, muscular-looking bike, but I'm sure glad we don't have those enormous, ugly plates in the US! The rear fender ruins the looks, it must be chopped!

Well, Bush spoke to the country tonight about the new budget. Actually, he was addressing Congress. Senator Clinton, whose approval rating has tanked severely in the past week, was there.

I had to take notes on the speech. But there wasn't much there that related to IR. He tried to appeal to Democraps by mentioning some of their favorite issues. But the overall message was that conservatism was taking over and not a moment too soon. He talked about his tax cut, his social security plan, etc.

At one point he said "some think this tax plan is too big". A bunch of people clapped. Then he said "others think this tax plan is too small". A bunch of people clapped. Then he said "but this tax plan is JUST RIGHT". A bunch of people clapped.

One thing I didn't like was his defense of standardized tests. He mentioned the complaints many have that schools are now teaching to the tests and just glossed over it saying "well, if they're teaching to the tests, then they're teaching math, reading, and science". Totally misrepresenting reality.

It was a speech. It was flowery. It wasn't Tony Blair. It wasn't personable or conversational. Blah. It was better than a Clinton speech, but it was still a speech.

The best (worst) part was Tom Dash-Hole and Dick Get-Fart doing "the Democratic response". Uh huh. I couldn't believe those two clowns. The response on the forums was overwhelmingly against Tom & Dick, which was encouraging; some people are seeing through Democratic scare tactics and their attempts to convince the people they are too dumb to help themselves.