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It is early. It's 4:28 AM. I went to bed at 7:30 last night and here I am. I have an easy exam to cram for (PE lecture). Optimally, I'd like to wake up around 6:00 AM. Traditionally, I haven't been an early-morning person, but last Summer I did alot of waking up early and found myself feeling well and being productive. It's like that schedule gave me leverage against my natural procrastination. Plus I would go shoot baskets in the mornings before breakfast. I love that time, it's such a therapeutic activity. Can't do that right now, of course, it's 30-something degrees with wetness.

Surprisingly, I only received one email calling me a moron and cursing me to hell for my [poorly expressed, in this case] views expressed a couple posts back. Maybe cuz everyone who would be offended already has been offended and stopped reading. I received one other email agreeing, but that was from a family member, so yanno.

I glanced over my diary, old and new stuff. If you didn't read this, you oughta. I believe I'm going to go back and add smilies here and there one of these days.

I also read a couple other diaries, or portions of them. I became angry reading one diary in particular, the address of which I will not mention... but rationally, many people probably become just as angry reading my stuff sometimes. In between yawns anyway. Anyway, I poured myself a nice, tall, cold glass of whole milk and went on to more pleasant things.

What do I have planned? Well, I have a couple of job leads. If I don't have a job by next Friday, beginning by the following Monday, I'm going to do something drastic. Not illegal, but whatever I have to do. This weekend I have a Mavericks game (against the Rockets, meaning I'll get to see Olajuwon play in his final season--although he's waaay past his prime). Also, I'm going to take apart the carbs on my bike. I should learn alot and save money on cleaning, tuning, and syncing them. Also, I have to help duo with his Fragball arena.

Those {KS} guys have started CTF competition. Surprise, surprise. DD|XS-PAIN still hasn't lost a match on PG! Stunning. {BHS} is starting to dominate on more than just the DOM front. They may be the best clan in the world overall.

Bike pic of the day. A mid '90s 6R, a 2001 SV650S, and an early CBRF2. Very nice.

Okay, time to go for a drive. Don't you wish YOU had 320 horsepower to play with? I'd trade it for a bike right now. I think I'm going to go pick up a couple fresh donuts on the way to the mail slot.