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It is late Sunday. I have worked 11 of the last 262 days.

Mayim Bialik has a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

X-Files appears to be over.

Napster will start "screening" copyrighted material this week.

A 9 year old and a 10 year old allegedly raped a 10 year old.

So the Mavs game. Allow me to explain in extenso. Sponsored by whomever makes Claritin. We got there early. We got to park in VIP parking, for free. We were then escorted to our destination, the Mavs Club. Inside, we found tables and tables and tables full of the most amazing food items being assembled for our benefits. We received free Mavericks T-shirts and hats, a VIP pass, a program, and various items. After some of the most amazing food I've ever sampled, the guests were escorted out while the doctors stayed for the 15 minute presentation on Claritin (during which, I promise, none of the doctors present learned anything new).

So down to courtside to watch the Mavs and Rockets do a practice. I couldn't have been any closer to the court. I was sitting in the same seat Spike Lee sits in at MSG. After a few minutes of watching, a former Mavs player came out and gave us a litte tour of the NBA and answered our questions. Then it was back to the Mavs Club. As I walked in Donnie Nelson was giving a speech about the team and answering questions. Our seats were right next to the podium. I asked about Vernon Maxwell's ability to play after having been out of the game for a while.

Then I decided to go grab some more food. On the way over, I bumped into Mark Cuban. I said hello and gave an approving nod, he extended a hand and so I shook Mark Cuban's hand and got a pat on the shoulder. Mark is bigger than he looks on TV--he's about 6'4"!

I went through the seemingly endless array of dishes and found some more dinner of rare and surpassing quality. Mark Cuban began his speech. He talked about the team and his goals for it and then raffled a bunch of objects. Finally, we went back for dessert, they had 2 large tables chock full of a staggering variety of premium desserts. This night was already notable for the best mashed potatos ever, the best french bread ever, and the best cheesecake ever.

Then it was 20 minutes to tip-off. We went to find our seats. We had great seats. Not courtside by any means, but nice. It was an awesome game. Hakeem was playing pretty well. Our new guy, Juwan Howard, was very sharp. Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Finley, and Nash played well on offense. Our defense was slack for much of the game though. Rockets were getting great offensive rebounds and uncontested shots. We were down about 7 for much of the first half. But just before halftime, we took the lead by 1. In the second, the Rockets again surged ahead, by 9 at one point. But Dirk and Michael took over at the end and we pulled out the victory, 100-95. The sellout crowd loved it and so did I.

This is a great team. Everyone on the team wants to play, there are no whiners. They believe they can win, and so do the fans. Mark Cuban bought this team not because of a real estate/business decision as Ross Jr. had, but because he's been a fan for decades and wanted his own team. He's the ideal owner. Too bad there's a salary cap, because if this were like baseball, the team would be unstoppable. It's a great situation, and the owner's enthusiasm and the players' enthusiasm for the owner is palpable and infectious. I'm now a huge fan, but how could you not be after this? Go Mavs!

As we left, we took the easy way out and bypassed probably an hour of waiting. What an awesome evening!! This whole thing, the extravagant food, meeting Mark and Donnie, seeing practice courtside, talking to the assistant coach for a while, VIP parking, awesome seats, T-shirts, hats and other crap, etc. would have cost a small fortune, but it was magically free, courtesy of the company which sells Claritin. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I asked my father to PLEASE, PLEASE call me the next time some fabulously wealthy drug company decides to spend thousands of dollars on an event such as this.

Earlier on Saturday, I had spent several hours at the bike shops with duo and a friend. The bike shops are within a block of each other on Alta Mere so we just parked in the middle and walked. Ft. Worth shops have sooo many more bikes than Denton shops. I sat on a ton of bikes. I sat on the 12R, Busa, 750 Gixxer, the SV650, two different 6Rs, the new Goldwing, a Magna, a Valkyrie, an Eliminator 125, an RC, a 500 Ninja, various dirtbikes, an Interceptor, the F4i, the R1, a 600R, and a couple Bandits. They were devoid of used or 2000 bikes, just new ones. Weren't giving tests, either (rain). I talked bikes with a few people. I tried on several riding jackets and found a good one for only ~$200. Found $70 gloves and some reasonable boots. It sure sucked not being able to spend money though.

duo picked out an ATV he really liked called the Badger, an 80cc mini ATV. He fit the 80-100cc MX bikes pretty well, but he wants the 4-wheeler.

Bike pics of the day, something different. Check out Yamaha's assortment: motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and waverunners. One for every season...