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Diaryland needs a search feature. I mean, I use DL to put things down so I can look them up later, and sometimes it's difficult to do so.

Details about Ginger came out tonight. Including a picture. It seems it's a fuel cell scooter. That is, it generates electric power using hydrogen. I even have a picture. That thing doesn't look very stable, or robust, or durable. If I had to ride an electric short commute vehicle, I'd rather go for the Honda Raccoon or this or this or this or this or the airboard or that thing that I can't find the link for which is like a skateboard on its side with two large wheels and straps for each foot.

Bike pic of the day is here. It's the road-going version of the Aprilia Mille, the bike that Troy Corser will be riding this Sunday in the first race. Pretty tough.

I had weird dreams. I was asleep for half a day. I had dreams with bottomless swimming pools that connect to the ocean and nightmarish creatures of immense size which grab on to ankles and then collections of toy action figures which come to life and kill and main and disfigured people who have to go to school with like three faces and slime and broken dolls and pigs eating their own young and spiders fighting to the death in a huge bottle and butchered sheep and women made of wooden logs split in half... odd.

What is going on with Napster? They keep busting out deadlines and supposed screening software that is to prevent sharing of any copyrighted material, but it looks to me like it's not working. I think the RIAA can suck me.

Hey, how 'bout that new crowd control device which heats up the skin enough to cause some sunburn in a few seconds?