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Nothing quite like having your road rash scrubbed with a wire brush to get out all the rocks.

Hooray! There's a new Star Trek series on the way (not Andromeda, or anything like it). This one will be a prequel to TOS.

Doh! Juwan Howard has genital herpes and is now being sued by some woman who claims he knowingly and with forethought passed it on to her.

I listened to a show about where the careers are right now. It's hard not to get stars in my eyes when I hear that a law school graduate can make $110,000 a year starting salary right out of law school... Just imagine what I could do with $6700 per month! In the first month I could buy: a new guitar and amp, a new home theater, a new computer, and a down payment on a new sportbike, which I would pay off in total the very next month.

I think the UPS man should wear a Santa Claus outfit.

Troy Aikman is no longer a Cowboy. They won't forget him--they'll still be paying his salary for years to come.

Yesterday, lottery tickets were selling at a rate of 1000 tickets per second for the whole day. Some schmoe in Austin won $42 million.

Metroid will be on GBA.

MS will lose at least $125 per X-Box.

OSHA is such a retarded, misguided agency. The new legislation regarding repetitive-motion injuries defies logic and the laws of physics.

Those Volkswagen ads sure are interesting.

Bike pic of the day is here, a Yamaha FZ750, one of the best sportbikes of the late 80s and early 90s. Yamaha also produced a 700 model, because the US Government instituted some incredibly lame tariffs on Japanese import bikes over 700ccs in an effort to save Hardly from its own vapidity.

Bonus pics: another helmet (rear view), the Spawnbike, a Canadian Ninja, and a REAL riding group.

I was about 8 or 10 years old. It was around 10 at night. My parents were watching TV in the living room. I was sitting on my bed just thinking, about to go to bed. My Lionel train was set up on the floor in my bedroom on a couple planks of particle board.

I didn't touch anything. The train turned itself on, full power, and ran off the track. Again, I didn't touch anything, neither did anyone else. The black "throttle" lever swung over to full power. By itself. At full power, the train can't stay on the track on a turn, so it jumped off.