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I have to type slowly and silently so as not to wake my brother. It's been an interesting last few days, to be sure. It's amazing what a mere 16 hour a week job can do for the outlook on life. This job certainly isn't much. It pays very little. A 15 year old could do it (well, there's more to it, like map use, conversation, driving competence, and time management). It comes about 4-6 months too late. It's not many hours. But I can't help the feeling, even with the financial nuclear bomb that is the Stealth, that things is lookin up. It's just a positive step in a sea of negatives. Look, I'm in school and I have a job. I'm generally happy and my standard of living is fine. I have a temporary replacement vehicle. I enjoy heading to my job and I enjoy every aspect of my job (getting paid to giggle watching the Simpsons with Tianna is especially nice). I'm not going to get rich or even have a dime to spare, but at least I'll be okay at last. I can afford rent, food, bills, tuition. Can't afford a movie, a restaurant, fixing the bike, a new mobo, a game, a CD, clothes, etc. That will have to wait until summer.

I'm watching import drag racing. duo is asleep. He bought his brand new bicycle today. We already did some mods: removed all decals, changed the tire inflation, took off all the reflectors, raised the seat. We lubed the chain. He's going to buy a soft gel seat with suspenders, gel grips, and we're going to install the front brake from my old blue and yellow BMX.

Well, I have to head to bed as well. I have a lot to say this week, but lots of time to say it.