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I'm stoked! Rhakka, formerly of BHS and a really great guy, is building a new clan, primarily UT but also other games and eventually Tribes 2. Anyways... he remembered me and my excellent attitude and intelligence and has sought me out to help found his new clan. Urban Tribal Nation. My name would be -(u�n)-Nepenthe instead of (BoD)nepenthe. He already has an extensive manifesto, several pages long. I like it. It's mature. It's responsible. We'd be finding veteran players who were once in the scene and got out for whatever reason. With Rhakka as leader, the clan already carries a lot of weight, as he has to be one of the most respected North American players around.

Anyways... I haven't gotten back the third time to "accept". But I think I'm going to do it. I miss the scene, I miss competing, and the opportunity to work with Rhakka (real name Rob, from Maine) and other veteran players is too much to pass on. I still have a lot of UT in me. Forging new memories of clan life is what it's all about. More material to look back on and smile at.