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I have a Stars game this weekend.

So how about that mother who left her infant in the car for 5 hours? Some people should not be allowed to raise kids (I've said it before, I'm sure I'll have to say it again). Anyways, she claims she thought she had dropped him off already at daycare... 5 hours later, he was dead. Charley was back today, but poor guy, he was assailed by several people making ridiculous excuses for this woman.

Well, we had a nice discussion about abortion on PuF, didn't we? It was a great thread. It remained civil up until the end when TWD kind of flew off the handle. Every single post made me think.

Serious Sam is out! They're calling it a return to good ole Doom gameplay.

Some days do you get a chemical imbalance and start feeling strong nostalgia for 6 months ago, 1 year, 2 years? I'm not entirely sure what triggers it for me, but music, smells, and air temperature seem to be catalysts. It's bittersweet. Thing is, sometimes the same music or air quality doesn't do a thing for me along those lines.

A few days ago I had this odd feeling about last summer, not that last summer was all that wonderful (although it wasn't bad by any means!). I was remembering waking up early and making the trip to Plano listening to tapes the whole way, hammering my fabulous car through traffic, working not very hard for big paychecks, the long hot drive home, playing UT and getting good each night, my friends in Plano, then work ending and me having lots of free time to play UT, get invited into a clan, talk to people all over the world, shoot baskets every morning, take joyrides in the car, visit anyone, wake up early or sleep in, chocolate chip cookies that I baked and ate way too many of while playing UT, the exhiliration of our first match, some awesome games, listening to Sheila Divine and Self and Din Pedals among others, and on and on.

Actually, the other night I had the sound on and used ICQ to talk to duo and a friend. And the ICQ alarms, as when someone comes online or the sounds you can bust in the private chat room kind of brought me back. Interesting.

Charley was on vacation. I really have to question his judgement. He put Laura Miller in the seat for TWO WEEKS! She nearly destroyed his show! I can't stand her whiney little activist self. She uses the radio as her personal lobbying tool for city politics.

I saw The Lone Gunmen. My assessment: I liked it. It wasn't dazzling, but it shows potential at least. Some parts were a little amateurish (like the details of the plotline and the finale) but there was some real humor.

3D Mark 2001. Um yah. Some bits won't even run without a Geforce 3. Believe me, they've come a LOOONG way in 1 year. My PC nearly blew up under the strain and the V5 wanted to climb out of the case and run for the hills. And I'm running at 585 with the Voodoo5 clocked to 182. I'd say an OCed Geforce 3/64, Pentium 3/Athlon 1000 or 1.2, and 256 MB DDR RAM would be about minimum requirements to appreciate 3DM2K1.

My state is jacking up gas prices 5 cents. Just as long as I don't have to buy ethanolized gasoline. OPEC is cutting production. I bet gas will be up to $2 for the good stuff (which my bike and the Stealth require) by mid-summer. I haven't yet noticed those lower speed limits materializing, maybe they (correctly) realized they were low enough already.

My lawyer (Abe Factor) was on the news talking about the new Jesus video. Yah, I live in the Bible Belt. Some organization will be sending a video tape of Jesus' life to every residence in Texas (so they say).

I don't think Jordan should come back. Everyone remembers he won the championship ALL SIX of his last six full years in the league. They remember he won the final championship on HIS LAST SHOT! He is arguably the best player ever. Let's leave the legend alone.

And let's do a bike pic. Two of them actually. This is an old Ninja 900 (leaned over), the first real hot rod Ninja in 1984. And this is the current super Ninja (I was going to post it on St. Patrick's Day).