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Ah hell. The Stars game kind of sucked. I don't know... I got yelled at by some jackass traffic cop, we didn't get food, I didn't get to meet any players, our seats were okay but not as awesome as the Mavs game, the game wasn't all that great until the 3rd period when Derian Hatcher got ejected for breaking somebody's face and we got a 7 minute penalty (which we killed), we didn't win (it was a tie) and it's hockey. I don't see precision in the sport the way I do in football and basketball and even baseball. It's tough to follow as a spectator as well.

Get this, our tickets were $120 each (of course, we got in free courtesy of a drug rep) and were only average. $120!! Imagine taking a family of five to the game and getting some decent seats closer to the action so the kids can see what's going on up close: that could easily be an $800 night out. Here's another thing: I looked and looked and never saw one person who wasn't WHITE. After I noticed it, and looked around, it became sort of eerie.

Well, I'm tired and I have a hEll of a week ahead of me, what with having to start on my big IR paper and having a 15 pager due in MassComm a week from Tuesday. As well, there is evidence my car may have to reenter the shop. I have to work next Saturday. And if my trust check doesn't come in this week, I'm as good as gone.