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What the fuck is up with road repair?

Item 1: why is it they have to work on the highway in Dallas (I-30, bringing it from 3 lanes to ONE lane on a BUSY road) on a Saturday night during prime time? Damn, if you're going to do it at night, why when it will back up traffic for HOURS!?!

Item 2: there's a road one block from my place. They had the thing blocked off for several days. You could pass but they had an elaborate system of detour guaranteed to put you facing oncoming headlights. So I drive down the road tonight and all the barriers are gone. And what do I find? A GIANT FUCKING ditch in the road going all the way across. It's like a size large inverse speedbump!! I guess they cater to the truck-driving sheep. That road is now off-limits to my car. I wouldn't want to take that bump in any real car, but shit like this is why I'm paying $1500 for repairs. It's just like fucking Mockingbird which busted the coolant system and mirror (and who knows what else?) on the RX-7 back in the day. I HATE that shit!!

I'm calling City of Denton first thing tomorrow morning to complain.

Here's another one. These Verizon assholes have been calling and calling, twice a day for weeks. So I finally gave in and ordered their fucking long distance service even though I'll never use it--BECAUSE the guy said no monthly fee and NO switching fee! So I get my bill today and there's the fat fee! I must have asked the guy SIX times, every time he said no switching fee. Fucking liar.

I'm calling Verizon second thing tomorrow morning to get my account credited.

What else? I'm expecting no less than THREE things from Minnesota... all three are late. I'm freaking pissed.

I'm calling my broker third thing tomorrow morning to bitch about that.