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I got my Jesus video. The one I mentioned a few posts ago that my lawyer Abe Factor was on the news talking about. I feel kind of sheepish about this, but I threw it in the garbage. I might go fish it out and maybe grab some more (there are several copies in the garbage tonight). I mean, I can record WSBK on one and a DVD movie on another.

Hey, this is post #102.

Well, I talked to the gutless wonders today (see previous post). The recent problems with the market have devestated my trust fund. I'm lucky I'm long term, if I were soon to retire I'd be in HELL. My broker Bruce was talking about how so many people are in trouble because of this, like having to sell their house and get a second job and such. It's just killing people's savings and retirement. He was just trying to avoid the issue of my checks though.

Had a customer today who teaches History to 8th graders and we were in total agreement about the way kids are taught today and the TAAS and she had some interesting things to say about it. Like how are you supposed to set up lesson plans for the class when you have some 8th graders who read at a 4th grade level and some 8th graders who read at a post-high school level? Like how if the slow kids flunk an exam, they can retake the test using notes. Like how you're not supposed to praise the smart kids or recognize them as it makes the slow kids feel bad. She seemed like somebody trying to do the right thing and very frustrated at the system that prevents that.

The weather today? About 42� with constant steady rain. Welcome to Spring.

I found the coolest motorcycle riding video yet. It's a couple laps of the N�rburgring in Germany. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I'm just in awe at Germany's roads. They have road circuits that anyone can ride or drive on, built and well-maintained by the government, with no speed limit or interfering law enforcement, that don't lead anywhere in particular but are just there for the enjoyment of the populace. Did I mention these roads are incredibly twisty and banked and out in the most gorgeous scenery? I'm having trouble with the link (it seems to just take you to the page instead of starting the video) and it weighs in at 82 MB for the hi-res version... it's the one under Bikes for September 11, it mentions VTR. Freakin awesome. The sensation of speed and the sound is incredible. You almost feel like you're there going around a bend at 130 mph. Here it is.

Everything will be better on May 12th.