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Can't sleep. Hey I did an earlier update tonight.

Well, well, well, the Mavericks beat the Jazz tonight on the road! Bad things: We were behind by 13 and 8 at the half, Donald Nelson got ejected halfway through, our defense looked sloppy in a couple of clips, and Nowitzki got slammed to the court more than once (hope he's okay; I hate the Jazz; Karl Malone is such an asshole and a dirty player). This game was HewUUUGE!! Dirk is my hero. Next up, the Blazers.

It's funny how there are teams like the mid 90s Knicks or the current Jazz (with former felon Starks as well) who are dirty scumbag players and then there are teams like the Spurs and Mavs who seem pretty sportsmanlike.

So Gordon is back in the #2 spot heading into Texas Motor Speedway next weekend. The WSBK race is Sunday though.

TiVo spies on users. It sends all kinds of info to a database and then they sell that info.

Hey about that Tiger Woods? He's not Nicklaus yet, but he could be even better by the time he's done. He wins all the time!

Randy Johnson hit a seagull with a 99 mph fastball today. The stupid bird flew right into the path of the ball. It's pretty extraordinary to see the video. He NAILED it! Feathers exploded. Johnson said he felt bad.

She rides. And does burnouts.

This VFR looks sweet. So does this Daytona.

It's funny, the other day somebody saw my car and the first question asked was "how much trunk space does it have?" LoL!! It didn't occur to me at the time how funny that was. I don't know, you know how often I use the trunk? Never. I've never opened the trunk on the Stealth! Trunk space just isn't a concern in a vehicle. The old RX-7 could definitely carry way more stuff than say my mom's car so I assume if you put the back seats (you know, the ones built for double amputees) down on the Stealth, it would hold even more. So the answer is, it has a hell of alot of carrying capacity. Do I need it? No. It was just an odd question, almost like an attempted condescension. Heh, people don't buy Miatas ("It's a Miata!") for the trunk space either, but that would be plenty big as well.

This week is going to be rough. You know, I work until 7 (technically) and have class at 6:30 on Mondays... I was a little late and had to park in "24 hour yellow boot zone". Anyways... 15 page paper due in 7 days, exam very soon, ENORmous project and paper due in 20 days (have to get started tomorrow evening) plus all the financial detritus to try and salvage...

I will try and sleep now.