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A girl was nice to me today. She printed up a copy of the review sheet for MC for me. Since the prof put it up only on the Novell network and I don't have an account and it takes a week to get it approved once you apply for one and the test is so stupid you can't pass it unless you have the review even if you've taken extensive notes and read the textbook (hence nobody takes notes and nobody reads the book--what an idiotic system and a shitty worthless class).

Yesterday I had this old woman who insisted I not go on the freeway. She said it wasn't safe and she never goes on the freeway ever and even went so far as to say she didn't know why anyone would go up there. Now it's not like there was a whole lot of traffic up there, we weren't in Lewisville or anything. She also like held her breath and grabbed hold of the door when we came to a stop or went on a curve. Good grief.

Sean 'Puffy' Combs (recently acquitted) is changing his name to P Diddy. That's not a misprint. And he wants a name-changing ceremony. And he wants Bill Clinton to be there because he 'likes his style'.

So how 'bout that Tribes 2? It's not quite out in stores yet, but soon, very soon grasshopper. Sounds like this will be the big game of the summer for me, if not UT. I mean, I was thinking Dark Sector (UT with persistent characters and a fleshed-out universe) or the Star Wars Online RPG would be big, but neither is out or even close to being out and Unreal Warfare and Unreal 2 are still maybe a year away... Maybe I'll play some Quake3. HAHAHA, just kidding.

Charley Jones interview this weekend, I HOPE.

I should write a musical ode to UT. The game (along with Unreal) which has occupied thousands of hours of my time. Hopefully it or its descendants will occupy many thousands more. I can just see the year 2005 when UT3 is out kicking that ass and I'm heading a major (professional?) clan. Anyways, a game like this is almost like being somewhere else. You get nostalgic for the old days, you remember great times, like my 4th of July story or the first clan match or our success as (BoD) or partying in the front room in DM-Anubis or seeing CookieMonster or DragonAsh play...

I kick ass. Not all the time but sometimes. Last night I went on LoGrav, frag limit 35, with 5 other people. The leader already had 22 frags. I didn't have much time. Know what? I won, by SIX frags!! I had 35 kills and 2 deaths and the former leader only got to 29. I kicked myself for not making a demo because it was pretty extraordinary getting to 35 in just 10 minutes with only 5 victims. This was on DM-Pit of Agony with relics, lo grav, xloc.

Then I went on the ailing (ping spikes) Fragball server and frustrated everyone with my trick shots.

Then I went on Gamespy and willed my team to victory on Beatitude and Lava Giant. It's EXTREMELY gratifying to be able to carry the flag and have stout protection, to be able to depend on my defense, to give orders and have them dutifully followed for the good of the team, to have the median level of skill very high, to be able to play a game without chat spamming, without flaming, without aimboting (or aimbot calling), to have all players congratulate everyone on a good game regardless of the outcome...