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Here are six words duo typed tonight in chat. He really has a problem:

matice = modest
exsefer = except for
mest = messed
stould = stood
salfwear = software
bie = buy

I mean damn. Something's wrong. Sorry to do that duo, but I couldn't have come up with more creative spellings if I tried.

Well, the Mavs play the champion Lakers tomorrow night. Good luck. They've got a good chance, especially if Bryant is still benched. Also, we acquired the first Chinese NBA player ever. Interesting... He isn't a powerhouse, but hey if Shawn Bradley can play pro ball...

This week is being called "the week that killed UT". Reason? Serious Sam, Black & White, and Tribes 2 (plus the gawdawful new CSHP beta).

I have to admit, I've caught Tribes 2 fever!! I'm going to go buy it tomorrow in Lewisville (provided CC has it and if they don't I'm raising hell). The ladders have officially opened. Tribal Warfare is paying a $2000 a month award for the #1 Team CTF team each month. There is evidence to suggest that Tribes 2 is going to be HUUGE. Maybe bigger than CounterStrike, UT, and Q3A combined. I think players everywhere, having gotten a good strong taste of team play online, will FLOCK to T2 because it is the evolution of the team concepts. Also, it is 'neutral' if you will, that is, it's not Unreal or Quake so those with odd prejudices against either game (by the way, Q3A sucks) may not have as much of a problem embracing a third title.

One thing though, the forums at PlanetStarSiege (aka PlanetTribes) are terrible. I mean, that's 1997 type stuff. Get with it, vBulletin 2 is available guys, geeeeezz. Not that I'll be leaving PuF OT (NEVER!!!), but come on, thousands of UT and Q3A and CS refugees need a place to call home! I think the soon-to-be vast T2 community has the chance to be just excellent, but not if that sorry excuse is the forum home...

Several players tonight on Gamespy remarked that this might be the last time they play UT for a long time. I think we're about to see a mass exodus. I mean, I think five years from now there will still be many great UT servers up and running, but the days when EVERYone played UT may be fast fading. One thing's for sure; it's not coming off my hard drive any time soon.

duo is even getting a new computer very soon. I haven't really settled on the specs, but I think Athlon Thunderbird 800 (planning to overclock at least to 1000), Abit mobo, 512 MB CAS 2 RAM, super fast Western Digital 20 GB hard drive, 98SE, ball mouse (his damn optical mouse is so damn buggy it's not funny), SB Live! sound card, and Geforce 2 32 MB vid card. That should be a good system for running Tribes 2 (although it will fall far short of handling U2 or Doom3). Meanwhile, I've got to upgrade my own solution. As T2 uses OpenGL and T&L, a Geforce of some kind appears to be the best option. The Celery at 585 and the Voodoo5, though slow, should be adequate with details at moderate to allow me to at least learn the game.

Man, this game looks so....... BAD. Jetpacks, strafing flag runs in all kinds of vehicles, player classes, built-in support for voice comm, awe-inspiring weapons, clean and sublime graphics, and brutally deep gameplay.