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Well, the Tribes 2 thing didn't turn out the way millions of gamers hoped. It appears clear a 700 MHz is about the BARE minimum you want to run the game on. And the Voodoo5 is getting around 20 frames per second with all details down. Totally unacceptable. The game needs a Geforce. No other card will do. There are over 30 different varieties of Geforce out so far, I'll have to pick one if I want to play T2.

There was a lot of what I'd call hoopla surrounding the release. Big party sponsored by Dynamix, giveaways, free scripts, the launch of several new sites, the opening of 300 T2 servers, etc. But the best part was the patch. Game hits the store, immediately it needs a patch. And there seem to be 1001 bugs and issues. Maybe more like 100,000.

Meanwhile, Serious Sam is pretty solid. But still steep in requirements.

Conclusion? I'm going to wait a bit. Have to upgrade, have to wait and see what happens with future patching. Those for whom the game is running with acceptable speed and stability also seem to be split on whether it was worth the wait. There is a severe learning mountain. This is not your father's Quakeworld CTF.

Btw, I checked out the 'trunk' on the Stealth. It's enormous. I know I could fit a large bookcase or dresser or a 36" TV inside the car. But I think I'll just use the U-Haul for that, eh?

Saw a speech by Bush at some kind of reception dinner. It was a revelation. He was classy, measured but comfortable, and self-deprecating. He talked about his infamous juxtaposition of words. He appeared quite magnanimous. I hope alot of people saw that, as stuff like that could REALLY change people's minds about who he is. Now that people have realized abortion isn't going to be criminalized and there's a sizable tax cut on the way, maybe we can get over the perception that Bush is a bad guy.

Had a run-in with the police. Okay, it was just ridiculous. I was doing maybe 61 in a 55 which changes to a 65 within a mile or two. So a cop gets behind me in the left lane and follows about a foot and a half behind me for about 10 seconds. I'm doing 55 by now. Finally he puts on the lights. However, as every other car is doing 60-65 by now, it's becoming difficult to get over to the right. What am I going to do, accelerate to over the speed limit while a cop is following? (the irony is, OF COURSE you have to accelerate past the limit sometimes on the freeway to adjust lanes, pass, etc.). So I finally said fuck it and pulled to the left shoulder. Officer Asshole doesn't stop he turns off the lights and keeps going.

So, did I 'evade pursuit'? Did I do bad? Fuck em, he had no reason to tail me anyway. Gonna ticket me for doing 61 in a 55? And right down the road it's a 65? And every other car is doing at least 60 and sometimes 70? Fucking dumbass. Maybe he's never seen a sports car before.

Bike pic of the day: just a nice looking bike.

Allergies are here. This is the first real day for them. I hate Spring. It just gets worse from here. Soon I won't be able to even drive a car. This year is going to be a bear for my allergies. You try sneezing ONE THOUSAND times in one day and breathing through your mouth for three weeks and having your eyeballs feel like ants are biting them and tell me what you think...

Now they're coming out with copy-protected CDs. I'm not sure how they work, but they say they work. They prevent ripping to MP3. The um downside is they don't play in quite a few portable CD players, CD-ROM players, game consoles, auto CD players, etc. Something about error-correction. Imagine buying a new CD and it won't play in your PC, your car, your boombox...

The other day I was driving by Lewisville lake and saw some jetskiers. Oh man, that looks like SO much fun!! Personal watercraft, baby!!

DD-XS|Pain has long been the talk of the PG 1vs1 ladder. He has a flawless record and has literally demolished opponents. Scores of like 54-3 against extremely strong players weren't uncommon. It's well-known Pain lost repeatedly to s�n-destrukt back in the day. But that was a while back. Both players proved their superiority to OverToad, the former Unreal/early UT champ. But after months of severe domination of a number of ladders, would Pain have the stuff to finally take destrukt? Would destrukt be rusty having concentrated on CTF the past few months?

Demos are coming, but man, it was a great game. It was broadcast on UT Radio. It went to 3 games. Pain won the first and was ahead in the second. And then... well, I haven't seen it yet, but destrukt pulled out the victory in the second and third games to take the match! I saw a demo from way back last summer of Pain vs destrukt. d was unbelievable. He did things that blew my mind. He was an artist. He completely dominated the ENTIRE map. His moves were virtuousic. destrukt is truly the king. The best UT player of all time. At least in 1vs1 DM on standard maps with standard rules that is. I'd like to think I could take his ass in lo grav FFA.