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Mulder lives. That's right, they've pulled a Dallas and brought him back from burial. My they need to close that show down.

Well, Mr. Gordon came in 5th today, pretty okay considering he's never done better than 25th previously. Unfortunately, #1 in the standings Dale Jarrett won the race at TMS today, so he stretches his lead over Gordon a bit.

Troy Corser came in 3rd in both races in Kyalami, South Africa. Troy Bayliss came in 2nd in both races (that's now 4 2nd place finishes for him--Mr. consistent). The two Americans, Edwards in race one and Bostrom in race two, finished first. Corser now has a very slim lead over Bayliss.

One of the cool things about T2 is the built in profile/clan/community system. You can find out who someone is right inside the game. You can get their email, ICQ, homepage, etc. And there are forums built right in. They don't call it "Tribes" for nothing (Tribes being another term for Clans). The clan support is excellent right off the shelf.

Well, I watched one of the Pain vs. destrukt demos. OMG. Magical. This was one for the record books, kids. I got the Deck16][ demo, which was recommended to me (the other two weren't as interesting).

Pain's strength is his quite unusual playing style. He will follow enemies into very narrow corridors and is very aggressive and other things other players will never do. destrukt, on the other hand, has this unbelievable ability to know what is going on and where the enemy is in the map at all times; it's uncanny. destrukt knows Pain's tactics well and he is able to leverage that to his advantage.

Pain eventually was able to overcome and mount a strong comeback, but by then it was just too late and destrukt won. Pain was amazing, but destrukt seemed like one of those fighters from Crouching Tiger. He always had a keen awareness and always used the correct weapon at the right time. It was like he knew he would win and even the frags that Pain got were expected and just something to roll with.

Who can say which of these players is better? I'd hate to face either one. Carnage and Ghost were bad enough, Pain and destrukt (previously of the same collective, DD) would turn me into a gibbering, quivering mass in the corner of the room. I think Pain would kick my ass and most player's asses harder though.

I got probs. Trust fund still hasn't come. But K-1 did and I'll be getting less tax relief than I thought. So rent is due in the morning. I've never been late paying rent, ever, but now I don't know what to do. I got no food. I have phone and electric bills soon to be due. And my final UNT payment is now delinquent. In addition, I have allergies and maybe a cold on top of them. Also, I have papers coming up, difficult as hell papers and a large presentation for IR. And my car, something's not quite right, hope it lasts.