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Baseball begins today! Well, they had a game in Puerto Rico, but this is opening day at the Ballpark in Arlington. Man, can't wait to go to a couple games this season (even with these outrageous prices--$60 for a baseball game?). Mostly I just enjoy the broadcast. Eric Nadel is broadcasting brilliance. Charley is doing his show from midfield today. There are tons of kids there with their daddys. If I ever have a son, I'm taking him out of school to see opening day. I saw opening day back in 10th grade, but it was a night game. I went with Scott and his dad. We were up extremely high.

duo got Black & White. He's loving the crap out of it. It's getting a big collective thumbs up from everyone so far... but obviously it's not a game that's going to last 1000 hours or anything...

Dallas police just got a bunch of 'souped up' Z28 camaros. Hmm. They didn't mention just what the souping entailed. I noticed the hoods weren't even ram air hoods. A stock m6 Z does 13.8 at full tilt, launched hard and hard shifted, so with the added weight of the police equipment and the fact that they bought the a4 (4 speed auto), that's probably 14.0 or 14.1. So it's about as quick as my car. Alot better than the 15.9 the Crown Vics manage.

I got my short interview by email with Charley. It was cool. Turned my damn paper in. Now I have to get started on the big paper. Ugh. This one's going to be extremely tough.

Am I ever tired of hearing about the "dangers" of the internet on the mainstream television news. Give me a break. It's not 1995 anymore.

Well, the Mavs lost to the Lakers but then beat the Sacramento Kings, one of the best teams in the league (third record-wise).

I'm about ready for this: