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It's so aggravating... the review for the "exercise and stretching muscle group quiz" for gym class would not come up on my PC. So I failed the quiz. Then the girl said "oh it only works on Netscape". Thanks.

Hey hey, how about that Anachronox video? A bit blocky, but that means it should run 60 fps on my machine. Looks sweet!

Some people got 1500 MHz out of the new AXIA 1 GHz Athlon. That's right, they got a 50% increase in speed out of a $150 chip simply by overclocking. These Athlons with the open clock multipliers are awesome, aren't they?

US mail will no longer be delivered (or picked up) on Saturday. I guess that's okay. Nice how they keep raising the stamp prices though.

I kind of like the paint on this bike. All except the sponsor. It says R7 but of course it's an older FZR or YZF 750 type bike.

Rangers won. Mavs won big again.

That's all. I have more, but damn I feel like crap so I'm not taxing myself right now.