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I am exhausted. I floated through work today. At least there was a really interesting conversation. It's warm here. My dad was up in Massachusetts last weekend visiting his brother and father. No big deal. They rode a little, rocked the house a little, then he flew back. Anyway, he bought threeee bike mags at airports. Clearly he is interested in bikes again. I'm waiting for the day he calls and says he picked up that ZRX1100!

How about this? A guy on the board who is in America with a work permit rode a low wheelie on a deserted road for about 50 feet and was stopped by the good ole police (yay! protecting people from themselves). It's something like "no person shall engage in any motor vehicle exhibition of speed". Un hun. Yah, he wasn't speeding, you see, it's all bullshit. Cop probably didn't like the fact that the rider seemed to be enjoying himself. Anyway, this isn't a simple misdemeanor or traffic infraction, it's a "criminal offense". Here's the bottom line: because he rode a short, low, COMPLETELY safe one-wheeler on a deserted road, he's being thrown out of the country!! Can we please have a law against "exhibition of police corruption and power brokering"? Sheesh!! Did I mention I despise cops?