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So this porter from work was saying how his truck could take my Stealth. I kept telling him to be serious. But he kept going on. So he challenged me to a race down the service road right outside the dealer. So I accepted.

I utterly blew his doors off. I looked back at 90 mph and he was a small white blemish on the horizon. It was absolutely pathetic. Then coming around the corner I hit her hard and brought her off to the side a little, hooligan style. No damage, but perhaps not a wise maneuver given the history...

Anyways, I feel kinda guilty for some reason now. This feeling sucks. The Stealth didn't complain about being revved past redline with maximum boost, but it also didn't beg for more the way the RX-7 used to. This might be the last time I REALLY hit her hard or get into a pissing contest. At least he could have been some competition. I could take an auto transmission Z28 ya know. I really shouldn't be too worried, these turbos had their 60,000 mile rebuild already and that engine was made to rev and it's not like I was on boost for all that long. I was also very gentle with the clutch and 2nd gear (or I could have been even quicker).

There, I feel better.

I'm the #20 poster on PuF now and I'm the 7th most frequent poster.

Well, we got into a bit of a flame-fest. Deepershade was talking crazy about the rest of the world uniting as one big happy family and forcing the US to bow down. Well, I started talking about how I love my country and would die to prevent it being absorbed into some conglomeration. So DS went off about "American Arrogance". Which had no basis at all, as it just so happens I was simply making a point about nationalism and how HEY don't you love your country? and don't you think YOU'RE right all the time, etc. He called me a self-centered American idiot because I assumed it was about the US. I answered that he MADE it about the US when he mentioned the rest of the world forcing the US to be absorbed. And I will die before that happens to my country. Well, it went on for over 40 posts (not just DS and me!).

This morning I finally made my pilgrimmage to the grocery store. I gotta say I went a little wild. I bought mushrooms, salad, dressing, kool-aid, pork chops, chicken, muffin mix, chocolate chip cookie dough, chips n dip, nectarines, asparagus, 4 kinds of cereal, fresh bread, gravy, potatos, sodas, orange juice, and a bunch of other things in addition to my staple foods. It felt great and I spent under $100. Of course I was acidotic while shopping, so everything sounded and looked good.

The potholes are crazy! Our roads look like they've been scarred by miniature bombs. You have to constantly scan the road and be alert to change direction or you'll bash into one.

Man, today I drove out to Argyle and saw the most INCREDIBLE houses ever. Each one was completely different, each looked like a castle in its own way... Enormous!! Each house was surrounded by about 5 acres of land, so we're not talking subdivision here. I can only imagine how sweet life is living out there. The roads as well were extraordinary. I put the van through a little diet program on the way out and it was a blast. I told the nice lady I ride a motorcycle and that I'd definitely be back out here and she acknowledged that yes this area is extremely popular for riders.

Then I had a girl from College Inn. A student. She was cool but it's wierd how I will get talked to and listened to and it will be happy and the second the car door opens, or in class or on the street or something we're enemies once again. Oh well if you can't be bothered to recognize my existence you're a bitch IMO, and I don't want to talk to you anyway, so thank you very much for your consideration.

It's time for my co-worker critique. There's Jesse, a hispanic student at UNT and former Eagle football player. He thinks I'm gay. He's okay I guess but his disdain is palpable. I wouldn't say he's your desultory dumb jock but he doesn't strike me as an intellectual giant either.

There's Tianna. She's got a high and annoying voice. She's kind of an airhead but in a friendly way. She actually says "hi" every third day or so when I come in. She's struck up a couple of conversations with me but seemed to regret doing so, and each seemed more out of pity than interest.

There's Sonny. Ugh. She hates me. She's got quite a body, and I don't mean that in a "wooow what a LIDY" or a sexual manner. She looks like she could kick some ass. I'd say she was attractive, but then her sorry attitude and lack of patience for anything and willingness to call anyone a "fuckin' moron" for the smallest infraction spoils greatly that attribute. She smokes, and there are girls who smoke that I don't mind the smoking of, and there are other girls who smoke for whom the habit is incredibly disgusting, and she is one of the latter. I don't talk to her except to say "okay" whenever she barks orders my way.

There's Monica. Hmm. She's a TWU student. She's taking a class on sexual health for women. She was very nice the first day and since then hasn't said a word. She suffers from not that mild psoriasis and I believe she's [ununderstandably] confident in her body.

There's the other phone-answering guy who definitely thinks I'm gay and simply WON'T look at me.

There are many comers and goers beyond these five, but none stay around long enough to mean much. Friday, I assumed, was 'casual' day. So I wore casual clothes. Some grizzled old bastard told me what I was wearing wasn't 'country n western'. Turns out Friday is 'country n western' day, not 'casual' day.

I'm working for a company which will take the money of African-Americans but generally discourages that sort of thing. It was explained to me last week. They have an unwritten 11th code in their ethics, which if it were written would read something like "White people come first, always... black people are to receive a lower level of service priority and courtesy".

But then there are my customers. And the majority of them have been nice people, interesting to talk to and pleasant to be around, although as stated that's a bit of an illusion as the audible sigh of relief and commencement of distancing upon exiting the van puts the facade of the prior interaction into perspective.

See, I like Sheila Divine. Their music speaks to me. They know.

While at the store I managed to blow a good 30 minutes at the newsstand. I read about the new 850 horsepower twin turbo-charged Hennessey Venom Viper. All that power and it is really really quick actually. Runs a 10.3! 0-100 in 6.6. Smokin'!

Also read two large articles about one of the most anticipated bikes of the year, the FZ1. The one I REALLY think my father should buy. He needs it.

This picture shows an FJR, a VFR, a Futura, and a Blackbird.