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Hey, I had another writing tonight, be sure'n go back n read that, wudja?

I just got done spending the night at home, playing Doom Memento Mori II in OpenGL (1024X768 with anti-aliasing), what a rush.

Then I went and practiced Frag*Ball with duo (first game is Monday night during my class, so I can't play), then I went and completely dominated the LoGrav DM server through like 9 games. This one guy was really making me step up my game, but I came out on top despite his efforts.

They call it "shocking immaturity". See what cycle mag editors do after they're done testing the bikes. Download this and this and if you have time, download this. The last one is big (10 MB) but kinder cool. The other two are funny. It is pretty immature tho.