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What the hell, this is the first episode Scully has been showing. I admit it's kind of cool to hear Mulder's droning, nearly monotone voice describing things... I still think it's cheezy that they brought him back this way but he is one of the best characters ever on TV. It looks like Mulder won't be on the show for long though. He's either going to be killed or land in federal prison.

Hotmail is still not up and boy am I in trouble. Gawd is punishing me maybe. What are the chances it would go down for FOUR days right at the time I need it for my grade? I may stop using Hotmail after this. I just can't afford to be restricted for this long.

I imagine I'll have 3-4 pages of crap to sift through when (if?) it comes back, much of it spam from GroupLotto.

It's more of a NIKnikNIKnikNIKnikNIKnik than a tick-tock-tick-tock. I'm describing the timebomb that is my car. Any day now. Question is, will it kill me, or will it simply strand me somewhere and cost me another fortune? Actually, the chances of me milking Minnesota for more repair money are slim. So when the Stealth goes, that's it, and maybe I can fix the RX-7 (it shouldn't cost very much) and when the RX-7 goes, that's all folks. Still be paying for the Stealth for a while though.

Tiger Woods made history (again) today. The guy is unflappable. A group of 80 golfers go into a huge golf tournament. Tiger Woods is one of them. 97 out of 100 people thought he would win even before the first ball was struck. Four days later, he won.

Here is a very very nice Daytona with underseat pipes. And here, here, and here are three good pics of an SVS riding a wheelie. And this pic is kind of interesting and pleasing to the eye.