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Yup, I stayed up for a while, Jesse. Had my flashlight at the ready and some chocolate chip granola bars, but the power stayed despite a nice downpour.

Of course, I had to leave the place at 9:55 and it's amazing how things dry off so quick. Oh I saw a puddle or two but the grass was dry, the sky was blue, the temperature was tepid...

I ran three miles this morning, basically without stopping. There was a girl on the treadmill next to mine and she kept upping her speed when I did. It became an unspoken contest. Pushed me harder. She was a real trooper and I felt kind of bad (not to mention bloody exhausted) trying to outdo her, she had to work harder for the same speed.

Again, a spontaneous Dland post because I don't have that much time. And do you really want to read about China here?

Oh here's something. So oreca made a post --"teaching the ones who taught you"-- about his father who first got him into computer games and who has only recently gotten back into them and memories... I mentioned how my dad would play Dragster for the 2600 (Activision) and how he could always beat me at it (me: age 10) and how he even had a better record time than one that was printed in an old primitive gaming magazine I had at the time. So I thought a moment and decided to look for Dragster. Three minutes later I was playing a Dragster ROM on Stella.

In my opinion the creator of that game had a great idea. Take the simplist of graphics and control schemes and make a drag racing game that actually requires skill, thought, and timing, and in some way actually simulates racing. There's even a sensation of speed and torque that results once you figure out how not to blow your engine. Plus I've finally found a game the MS Sidewinder pad doesn't suck at. The sound ain't too bad either. And it's two player. And it requires more skill than doing the quarter mile test in like Gran Turismo even. That game puts the fear of gawd in you about blowing your engine.

My best time so far is 6.84 (for the quarter mile). My dad's time waaaay back then was well into the 5s, which seems awesome even now. How the hell??

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Let's do some 'song lyrics of the day'...

You could have it all
But I can't have it too
Now I'm at that age
Where no one pulls for you

And you want it bad
Whatever's left of you
And you want it bad
But there's nothing you can do

Never had the range
To put it in my sights
Never had the strength
To pull it to new heights

And you want it bad
Whatever's left of you
And you want it bad
But there's nothing you can do

I'm at an awful age
I'm at an awful stage
We don't stand a chance
It's the death of true romance
When a glance was just a glance
We don't stand a chance

If I sell me heart
I'll leave it far behind
But if I could restart
There'd be a spark you'd never find