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Well, I did the "fall asleep on couch and wake up prematurely, now can't go back to sleep" routine. So here I am.

I was holding off posting my opinions on China. Luckily, today all hostages were returned. So I don't have to say anything about the audacity of those commie bastards. Guess they were finished stripping our plane. Just kidding. All I'll say is that the administration handled the situation brilliantly.

Have you seen this "Stupid Sorority Bitches" video they're advertising on TV? I think someone told me about it and I saw a commercial just tonight. Call me odd but I find the whole thing revolting. When I say "stupid bitches", or "stupid drunk bitches", I'm more or less referring to bitches like the bitches in this video. Hey I think my boss Sonny is in there.

Hey MO had their open bike shootout. Man they SLAMMED the ZX-9R so hard! Called it 'porky' and a 'handful' even though it's lighter than most 600s were just a few years ago! The Gixxer didn't come in first. They said it was just too much motorcycle for anyone but an expert, and so rated the R1 first (929 was third). The thing is, there was a rather large Yamaha ad prominently displayed right at the top. Every time I go there I get multiple pop-ups asking for a 'donation' from me before MO goes to a subscription service. I don't think so, not with crap like this.

Apparently my motorcycle vids I posted a couple days back don't work. I guess you have to be logged in or something. Too bad cuz I had one more I wanted to put up from that same day, showing the Gixxer catching and then blowing by the 9R and R1 like they were cars.

Troy Aikman announced his retirement the other day. I like to see this. He's doing the right thing for his family. Plus he's well past his prime.

Q was on Voyager tonight. Janeway said "computer: coffee, black". Computer said "make it yourself".

Rangers are sucking. Mavericks are falling off since they've made the playoffs already. Stars won their first playoff game tonight.

I made pork chops last night. It was messy (eggs, flour, oil, etc.) but almost worth it. Now how the hell do I get rid of this leftover decomposing egg??

I've been doing research so far but not enough, so tomorrow and Friday will be nothing BUT research. Saturday morning at 9 is our group meeting and rehearsal, then I've got the rest of the weekend to finish everything up. Then Monday night is the Simulation. Have to have everything all set. It's going to be exceedingly difficult. After that I have two more weeks to write the long paper.

I got unbanned from eSportbike.

I like this Ducati ST4. This girl is GixxerChick from eSportbike. Some other sportbike women from the site here, here, here, and here.

Yah, I'll probably see Driven eventually. At first (when I heard the Earnhardts yelling about it) I thought it was about NASCAR, but actually it's about open-wheel racing, so it sounds like it should have some stunning footage. I hope they'll just let the speed and the cars speak for themselves instead of overdramatizing or computer enhancing things (the Anaconda Syndrome).

I can't wait until the Skycar becomes affordable. The M400 (multi-passenger model) cruises at 350 mph, has a top speed of 390, can go 900 miles on a tank of gas, has a ceiling of 30,000 feet, uses pump gasoline, gets acceptable gas mileage (comparable to a sports car), takes off and lands vertically, and has a set of Wankel engines (like my RX-7). This would be the final frontier for me. The ultimate freedom. It would be so right to be able to fly to my destination or take the ole skycar out for a joyride on a Sunday morning!!

I was thinking, this thing could change the world. I mean, you can go 900 miles on a tank of gas. They go 300+ miles per hour. Traffic is not a problem. Suddenly you don't have to live in the city to work in the city. Suddenly those relatives who live 300 miles away aren't so far away. Suddenly that long distance relationship you knew wouldn't work isn't so long distance. Suddenly with 30,000 feet of depth available for travel, traffic jams, road rage, fender benders etc. are a thing of the past.