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I wish
I knew
What I know now
When I was younger

My sleep number this week has been...

Let me start over...

I've gotten like 5 hours sleep since Sunday afternoon. It is Thursday morning.

Diaryland has been gimpy part of the day. Have some well-earned R&R coming up this weekend. Planning to drive up to Turner Falls and spend a day. Yah, sure wish I could ride up there, still don have da cash to fix da bike...

Well well well. What've I been up to lo this past week you ask? Sleep...

Deprivation, that is.

A bland combo of not being able to sleep (in the sense that I have 40 hours of work to do, can't sleep now) and not being able to sleep (in the sense that I lie down in the bed, muscles tensed as if ready for a sprint, thoughts cartwheeling through my T3 mind doing quarter mile bonzai runs, unable to sleep).

Welp. There was our presentation. We were the prosecution. I was the 'lead' prosecutor. Had problems--one prosecutor dropped the class. Another couldn't make it to the meeting...

I had to lie to work and tell them my car was dead AND I was in Ft. Worth (otherwise they'd say "okay, we're on our way" and come pick me up).

Worked furiously, pouring over at least 2 or 3 miles of online documents. It was gigantic. I had to write the opening speech for the whole proceeding.

We beat that ass though. We had a cohesive and systematic set of arguments and irrefutable evidence. After the opening statement, it was really pretty fun. The judges asked questions which we answered well. Plus, Bill, 50, actually worked in the former Yugoslavia for 6 months helping get a power station back up and running... so he saw the devestation and the death... the bodies lying rotting in the streets, the miserable multiple-gang-raped women, the bombed and burned out houses and buildings. So he was very driven in this project.

The poor defense came up and got grilled by the judges almost from the very start. You have to realize they had a very difficult job. Defending scoundrels from charges of genocide, crimes against humanity, breaches of the Geneva Convention, etc., rape, murder, wanton destruction of all kinds of property, kidnapping, etc.......

Their arguments: that the International War Crimes Tribunal had no jurisdiction, that it had been set up for the express purpose of convicting war criminals and the sitting judges would have no other outcome, that the alleged crimes and the indictments were all based on the testimony of only the alleged victims, that they were under orders, that the means used for arrest were illegal, that due process had been denied, that the overly long prison stay leading up to trial was cruel and coercive, that the national courts and not the International Tribunal held primacy in matters of civil war, that the various UN documents signed by Yugoslavia didn't bind the individual republics created by the dissolution of Yugoslavia, that the UN has been unjustly selective in its use of force, that witnesses were paid handsomely to come forward, that the accused were not allowed to confront their accusers face to face, that many of the so-called atrocities were merely borne of military necessity, that the cumulative nature of the charges leveled in the prosecution's indictments was unjust and an example of double or triple jeopardy, and well, that their guys might have done some stuff, but that this court wasn't going to touch them...

So I felt sorry for the actual classmates... tough crowd! Next week is the rebuttal for both sides. Then closing statements. Then the judges' deliberation begins. The hard part for me is over. Our rebuttal will be a piece of cake. Then there's a large paper based on all of this due pretty soon.

I was so glad to have it behind me, but it was actually alot of fun. For the most part, the students in that class are a cut above your average UNT fare. Plus, we were awesome. You know how sometimes you can just tell something was good, and you can make several arguments as to why it was good?

I pretty much learned I don't want to attend Law School. Can you imagine the immense bore? I despise legal documents.

I can't say "Thank you your honorable excellencies" now without giggling.

Joey is dead.

During my long long Looong week and weekend, PuF was always there to help me maintain my sanity. Thanks guys!!

I can smell the end of school. Not only that, but I'm putting in 2 week notice at work in 8 days.

Today the Federal Reserve cut interest rates again. YES!! Rock on, Mr. Greenspan... You should see the graphs and how they jumped. Time to refinance, folks. Remember, over 100 million Americans own stock. It's not just for the rich folk, in fact, it's an economic necessity these days. If things start going well again, I may be buying a new motorcycle after all. Then again, things could go right back down the tubes by tomorrow morning.

I did ma taxes. I didn't get much welfare (no EIC, fo instance), but the capital gains thing (where you're able to split the income from investments and wages for purposes of the tax table) netted me about $150. I think I'm getting $659 back.

duo, being the hooligan, broke his bicycle. His description of the event was a scream. I don't think I've ever heard anyone so adamantly blame an inanimate object for its aggressive action like duo managed to do... That damn parked car! And that curb!! Bitches! At least he broke it trying to ride a wheelie, and at least he's okay.

So, how 'bout that China? Can you believe the audacity those mofos possess? Demanding an apology, first of all. WTF for?? They tried to kill our guys. Here's my apology: "Dear Chinese Government, I'm sorry your lame ass pilot is so reckless and incompetent and killed himself showing off".

Have you seen the videos taken a few months earlier? They show the same pilot flying only a few feet from the cockpit of the US surveillance craft, waving, holding up a piece of paper with his email address printed on it, pointing to said paper, then laughing and flying off to harrass somebody else.

The Chinese remind me of: a cat who's had a rough life or a scheming, golddigging, mind game-playing girlfriend. As in, they do something wrong, and then demand that WE apologize! Quite eye-opening for US foreign-policy makers, I'm sure. China NEEDS the US economically. They ought to show a little more respect than immediately going on the offensive for something THEY were at fault for. Commie bastards, and I'm not kidding this time.

A-Rod was booed at the Seattle games... fans had signs saying "Pay Rod" and "A Fraud". And the Rangers lost. BUT... A-Rod made $155,000 for that one game with only 3 at-bats and all three easy outs and like one or two throws on defense. So somebody got to laugh...

I got to figure my life expectancy in gym lab. I'm'a live about another 53 years.

Mark Cuban got fined $100,000 for making a slight choke sign at a call by an official... You could barely discern the move. Spike Lee gets to sit courtside at every single game and practically jump on the court harrassing Reggie Miller and Cuban up in the 12th row makes a small gesture seen by nobody for half a second and he gets slapped with 100 grand in fine money...

Mavs play Utah this Saturday, first playoff game in 12 years. Great, they get to feel Karl Malone's cheatin' ass elbow for three or four games in a row.

I did see the very first webcast of an NBA game... and it was my Mavs!

Not sure what the hell happened, but now Voyager can talk with Earth in real-time. EH??? I think they're still thousands of light years away... Oh well, ST:V, like DS9 and TNG, usually doesn't make much sense technically, and usually is brilliant anyway. Those guys really should wear seat-belts though.

You simply HAVE to go here. If you wanna see a good fight.

Oh, Lordy. I need to sleep, don I? Damn you, stop stimulating my brain! It's all you people from Holland and England and Sweden and Germany...

I have Many bike pics. Some choice cuts. Oh, let's pick just one for now. This bike was designed by a guy who looks on his creations as any sculptor might... he described the emotions he was feeling when putting this bike together...

Whew. More later.