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I finally got a copy of the Geico ad. Shows two commuters lined up at a stoplight (drawn, not a photo). On the left is an obese, type A, sweaty, middle-manager-type stuffed into a tiny little economy car (kinda like the "speck" from that car rental commercial). On the right is a sportbike rider on a green Ninja with a leather jacket, green helmet, red scarf, jeans, mountain shoes, and gloves. They're looking at each other. The caption reads "Both save money on insurance with Geico Direct... One just looks a whole lot cooler doing it".

I kind of realized I may not get the bike running this YEAR. There's just a lot of work to do on it and things to buy for myself. Although, I decided not to buy a flip face helmet. I'll just get a pretty good full face and then if I really need it for summer commuting, I'll buy a cheapo open face.

Well, had a pretty bad (actually, when compared with the spectrum, pretty moderate) allergy attack on Saturday, so I called off the trip to Turner Falls. Another time, perhaps. One thing we are going to do one day is drive out to Jennifer-and-Philip's land and ride their 4-wheelers.

I went and saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (the play) on Saturday night. Rented "Hollow Man". It wasn't too good. I'll reiterate how cool DVDs are tho, cheaper than VHS tapes, better sound and picture, no rewinding, and with like 2 hours worth of all kinds of extra stuff. That's what's nice about em. I hope I never have to watch another movie on tape, they just don't measure up. I hope I can get all three ST movies on DVD. Otherwise I may not bother.

My stepmom came up with this amazing plan. I pay for whatever repairs the brakes on the Stealth need (they squeak something fierce, the kind of squeak which says there's a hydraulic problem, not from the sintered metallic brake pads), then I stop paying them for the Stealth and they sell it. What a little money maker. After I've poured several thousand into the car, she wants to take it back, sell it, and keep all the money. She may just win.

Atlantis looks like the first Disney movie in a while I might want to see.

Morety, #1 poster on PuF, has done a song for every weapon in UT now. He just posted his Impact Hammer song. It's not bad, but not the best either. I'm amazed at the creativity the man has shown over the course of all these songs. You can find the other songs at PuF somewhere (if anyone wants em, just email), but here is the Impact Hammer song. It's a must-have for true fans of UT or anyone who enjoyed the previous tunes.

It's such a shame you're a last resort
On priority lists long and short
I hold down the button and I load up a charge
That could blow a hole in a Koo's Galleon barge

Your alt fire deflects nasty rockets and shocks
You come in handy jumping off November's docks
Try to leave enemy bases on that map Hydro
Load and jump then I fly out their window

To frag with you hammer it's such a great sight
And the few times it happens I laugh with delight

Not all the lyrics, just some.

And now a picture from Frag*Ball.

We figured out a ping-related multiple-ball bug. That's me in blue on the right, duo on the left in the Xan skin. BlueSkull and fragbert are in red. The official release of Frag*Ball is April 30th, can't wait. Been playing almost every night, but I feel like a guinea pig/beta tester as often frag will come on and want us to test something new out. It's fun though. It's cool to have lots of input into a major mod like this and fragbert appreciates it.

Mavs lost their first game to Karl Malone's Cheating Ass Elbow by 2 points. How many times is that fucking asshole going to get away with bashing Dirk Nowitzki's skull with his elbow before they call some kind of foul?? Donald Nelson couldn't believe it the third time that game, and became irate and then was thrown out of the game. How long before Mark Cuban runs out and clocks Malone?

Extended Play (the new video game show which replaces GameSpot on TechTV) had a piece on bad video game voicings. Of course, they mentioned the infamous "All Your Base" from Zerowing, which is now an international phenomenon, but they also had "...master of unlocking..." and "...Jill sandwich..." which was fun. The funniest bit of all was from Shenmue, though. They showed the lead guy Hiro asking about sailors about 40 times in a row. He asked the whole damn town. It was cry your eyes out laughing funny after they were done. The responses just kept sounding funnier and gheyer every time he asked somebody new. OMG!

There was an ugly falling out this weekend, and SimplyCosmic has left PuF. I hope you come back buddy. You bring unbelievable clarity of thought, graphical genius, and posting prowess to the f0s, we need ya.

LiquiD_SiN is trying to organize a PuF LAN party for the midwest. If I go, it'll be somewhere between under 1000 and over 1000 miles, which at the speeds I might go, might take 11 hours. Man... it would be so FANTASTIC to meet you dudes and play some LAN games till my eyeballs bleed!! Can't go till I get the tape player fixed in the S. Meanwhile, I'm in contact with the Detroit Zoo trying to get them to send me pictures of their billboard showing monkeys in a hot tub with the caption "make your winter a wild one... with monkeys in a hot tub". Heh.

This weekend there was a race between a Boss Hoss and a lightly modified ZX-12R. The Boss Hoss, for those who don't know, is a huge cruiser motorcycle which carries a small block or big block Chevy V-8. The big block is an 8.2 liter engine!! Do you know how stonking huge that is? That's bigger than the Viper engine, which is a V-10, and this is a V-8, and this is in a motorcycle!! So, with over 600 ft-lbs of torque, this thing is enormously powerful. It has two speeds. It weighs 1200 pounds.

Well, the 12R still won. Won every single race, roll-ons from all speeds, two drag races. They're supposed to have video up soon enough. You just can't beat Japanese engineering and quarter mile times under 9.5, even with a giant V-8!

Bike pics for everyone. This picture of three riders simply puts a smile on my face.
This has to be one of the nicest looking bikes I've ever seen. Dig the underseat exhaust, the single-sided swingarm, the beautiful and creative paintjob, the seat, the polished frame, and those wheels!
Nice shot of the FZ1's superman motor.
A dude taking a siesta after an invigorating ride on his 'Hawk.
A 454 (that's my bike) taking on and beating its namesake, a 454 Vette.
A Bandit in one of the many available European-only colors (we only get 2, they get about 8).
Yamaha's new 4-stroke GP racing bike for next year. Possibly the highest performance bike ever made.
A pretty nice 400cc scooter, another not in the US bike.
A foggy day on the two most race-focused production bikes in the US (GSX-R750 and RC-51).
A really nice modified Nighthawk S.
Another extremely sharp 900RR.
Some guy's toy box (Viper GTS, Supra Turbo, three unknown bikes, a Duc 748, and an R6).

Wow, what a self-indulgent diary I have. This thing sure isn't going to save the world.