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Lookit me I'm going to do a lightning round.
Mass Comm prof sucks.
Got to ride R6. Damn damn fun. Gotta get me one.
Mavs win! Well one anyway.
Riding my bicycle every night.
My PuF stats (4-29-01): #14 overall, #6 among Godlike in posts/day.
Parents of Columbine shooting victims sue vid game industry for $5 Billion.
My electricity costs per KWh have increased 33%!
Ft. Worth charging $2000 if you don't do the recycle bin, even though many have observed they empty it right into the garbage truck with everything else.
Gasoline companies' profits up 88% while gas prices soar to over $2/gallon.
When I hum or sing the monitor fluctuates.
SC left PuF to found the first decent Tribes2 forums.
PuF Midwest LAN party is in June, in Ohio, I'm going.
You're liable if someone climbs on your bike and hurts himself without you knowing.
A guy got 90 days in jail for riding a wheelie.
Supreme Court decision: cops can arrest you for anything, even the most minor (and subjective) traffic infraction. Rights continue to erode in this country. Depression and apathy setting in.
FZ1 in road tests, quarter in 10.6.
BMW might make hydrogen-powered cars that are actually fun to drive, motorcycles not going to last another decade, GM working on cars controlled by joystick instead of steering wheel.
I could have gone to Six Flags today for free courtesy of James Wood but had to give my tickets away because I've got a giant paper due Monday that I'm still writing. Really wanted to ride the Titan.
Everything depends on whether I can get a job this Summer and how "good" that job is.
My smiley was accepted as part of PuF's EZCode: