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No matter what happens in Game Five, I'm just so proud of those guys!! Two in a row over the Jazz, including tonight's rout! Check it:

The Jazz led early by crashing the offensive boards and scoring easily inside. Malone had nine early points as Utah controlled the tempo.

But once the Mavericks got going, the veteran-filled Jazz couldn't keep up.

The Mavericks, making their first playoff appearance in 11 years, opened the second half continuing the momentum from Nash's long basket. They stretched the lead to 10 on another 3-pointer by Nash and one from Nowiztki.

Utah, which suffered its worst playoff loss since falling 96-54 to Chicago in Game 3 of the 1998 NBA Finals, closed to 66-59 before Finley's statement play: a slashing dunk over three Jazz players, with Malone fouling him. Finley hit the free throw, giving Dallas 16 straight to start the half, and the frenzy was just beginning.

Nash hit a crazy-looking left-handed hook on the next possession, then Dallas made the play that defined their youth and athleticism.

Finley caught a rebound and while still in the air threw a baseball-style outlet pass to Nash, who flipped it to a streaking Nowitzki for a dunk over a flat-footed Malone.

Then came a 3-pointer by Finley and a 3-pointer by Nowitzki. Dallas was up 79-63, and the only question left was the starting time of Game 5.



Stars lost again though.

DailyRadar is no more. Up out of the blue, just gone... the f0s are still up for the time being, but no more daily updates. I guess I'll be bookmarking IGN. Sigh...

There's a man in space and he's a tourist.

UT and the Geforce both turn 1 and a half this month.

Had my last IR class before the final, and I actually felt a little melancholy about it. It was a terrific class with some really good people and the greatest teacher ever. I learned a ton.

Damn I miss Clarisworks. I had to use Wordpad to write my paper and I had to fight that shitty thing the whole way. It's so poorly made. First thing when I get some cash I'm going to buy CW for Windows.

April was relatively trouble-free as far as allergies. That doesn't mean they didn't hit me several times, just that they weren't debilitating or painful and didn't occur every day. However, the last two days have been bad for itchy eyes. My body doesn't seem to think that my eyeballs belong in my head any more, and it's rebelling against them. May is going to be bad, but at least I've gotten through school unscathed.

Last night was okay though. I took a long trip on my bike (well, several miles anyway). I sure love coasting down hills, but at a certain point going up steep hills I just want to twist the throttle and sit back (or lean forward).

There was a CART race scheduled for last Sunday, with over 60,000 spectators, at the Texas Motor Speedway. But they had to cancel it. The cars were doing laps at 235 mph (that's speed for the whole lap, speeds on the straights were a little higher). The track is very steeply banked, 25 degrees. The banking and the size of the track allows the cars to run faster than they ever have before, and the banking forces G-forces at an angle which doesn't agree with the human body, specifically the brain. The result? Many racers were blacking out! So they had to cancel and make 60,000 CART fans angry. But most of the racers were glad they did this, as it was totally unsafe. Interesting though...

Frag*Ball was delayed a few days.

Today I took one of the most amazing trips yet for my job. I went down 377. Then turned East onto 1171. 1171 was amazing!! Hills!! Valleys!! Greenery everywhere, and no traffic and the speed limits were like 70 the whole way with those silly 30 mph "suggested" speed limits for the curves! And the curves!!!! And the road was so smooth! And then, after miles and miles of perfection, there were crossing roads called "Tour 18 Drive" and "Scenic Drive". Well, I was a little on time, not late yet, and I couldn't resist, so I took Scenic Drive....... Oh man... magnificent. You better believe I'm going to be out there exploring when I get my bike fixed!! All you have to do is go looking for the fun roads.

Interestingly, if the RX-7 was currently working, I'd be out there in that too, but the Stealth just wouldn't be as fun out there.

I keep thinking about the R6 I rode last Thursday. I just went around the block on it basically, and yet I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I stopped in front of the guy. What a beautiful, perfect slice of heaven on wheels that machine is! I've been seriously looking in to insurance rates for an SV650. If I can get like $400/year for full coverage, and a good interest rate on a loan, I might be able to buy one! Right now, I'd take a DR125 though. Maybe even an electric scooter.