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I'm currently writing a post to a communist. This guy on PuF is spewing all sorts of crap and I'm in the middle of my "rebuttal". He's one of those socialists who hasn't even read Marx, just thinks everyone should be completely equal and no one should be able to own anything anyone else doesn't have and the government should provide EVERYTHING. Ugh. Revolting.

It started out as a rant by some other guy against the new missile defense system, which walkingman, hal, and I calmly and rationally shot all to pieces.

Hey, researchers have made the startling discover that dolphins KNOW they are looking at themselves in the mirror. Very thought-provoking. Previously, the apes and a couple models of monkeys were the only animals thought to have that self-awareness. The dolphins were observed checking their cleanliness, posing, practicing expressions, and just admiring themselves.

We figured out how to do colors in PuF posts (html has long been disabled). And the place will never be the same.

There is a huge conference going down in the UN to decide the future of motorcycles. One of the sites titled the story "The Beginning of the End for Motorcycles". It's REALLY not looking good. They're talking about mandatory airbags, leg protectors, huge catalytic convertors, extreme neutering of engines, linked brakes, shaft drive, etc. Basically, the goal is to have worldwide standards for motorcycles, but as one guy said, "How can the interests of some flip-flop salesman in Delhi who rides a 5 horsepower Royal Enfield be represented by the same guy who represents mine???"

Well then, there are several more bits on the list, but another time... Gotta get back to fighting for truth on PuF.