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Oh well, can't win em all. Mavs lost tonight to the Spurs in game 1. Frankly, I would have been shocked if they had won this first one. They couldn't stop Duncan. They'll get better. At least the game was pretty clean, with two relatively nice teams. I watched the game at Hooter's again. Getting to be a habit. :0)

A friend of mine is doing his Cosuard--- Fest in two weeks, which means he collects several local bands, including the ones on his fledgling label, and they play for two days!

The three movies I "must see" this Summer so far will be Evolution, A Knight's Tale, and Atlantis.

I was working on figuring out what this is going to cost me. It'll cost more later to get the winter stuff, but... Okay, $196 for the helmet including just the extra visor for the daytime (the dark screen which is as dark as dark sunglasses). That includes shipping. $39 for the gloves. $147 for the jacket. So $382 for my gear (which should last at least 4-5 years) so far.

Insurance, for pretty good protection, will be $67 (one lump sum that covers 365 days). Tax/title will be $25 (tax on the bike purchase, which I still haven't paid). License tag, $20. The test and my new license, $20. Total so far is $514. After that (err, actually, BEFORE that), we have repairs. They're going to cost about $500. I hope. Let's say $486. So I'm right at $1000 to get my bike up and running, get it legal, get myself legal, and purchase my legal and physical protection. Whew. Can I have a grant?

Crap, it's raining hard, I'm going to post this and get off the computer.