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Just some random pictures I've had sitting around.

Suzuki DR125: Great bike for anyone who wants to start out on a motorcycle. Can go offroad, insurance is $1.50/month, gets 100 mpg, doesn't require a license.
Black and yellow CBR929RR: Brilliant color scheme.
Yamaha R6: That's one pissed-off looking bike.
FZ1 and Interceptor: about to go for a ride. And here they are on their bikes.
Yamaha FZ1: How gorgeous is that? Pretty much my current dream bike after hanging out on the FZ1OA for a while and reading all the testimonials as people get their bikes...
Lotsa bikes: A meeting of the minds.
Lotsa people: This kind of thing is very common in California and up in the Northeast.
Another meeting: Very cool picture taken in a parking lot in Michigan by 1fastchick. Here, here, and here are more from that day.
Stoppie: This is one of those Loose Cannons people from one of the picture sites. She's doing a pretty sedate stunt, but they have all kinds of squidly stunts, like doing jumping jacks standing on top of the bike while it's moving at 60 mph.
2 Hondas: an RC-51 and a 929RR.
Naked R6: Doesn't look too bad at all without its clothes.
CBR900RR: I think I've posted this one before, but it deserves to be seen again.
Another lineup: Anyone know what city this is?
Red RC-51: With a double bubble screen. Marvelous.
Atomic Powered Bike: Neon glow providing eerie, otherworldly glow at night. Yah, right.
Blue 2K1 Bandit 12S: The Europeans and Japanese get at least 8 color choices for each bike, while we get 1 or 2 here. I've seen the silver Bandit (the 2K1 like this one) on the boulevard, and it is dazzling, can't imagine how great it would look with this nice blue.
Yamaha M1: Race only, of course, but if you were wondering what the best, fastest, best-handling, most advanced motorcycle ever made was, now you've seen a picture.
Nighthawk S: One of the coolest standards ever. A couple have been for sale in the area, I should have jumped on this awesome deal on one in Hurst a few months back. I rode one at the shop in Ft. Worth, but barely got on the power at all and didn't do much with it. It's a 700, and I still remember my ride on the Nighthawk 650 out in Southlake (or wherever that was) where I hit it kind of hard; the thing was so beat up but it didn't matter because getting on the power felt like God reaching a benign hand down to push me along quickly.
Monocycle: Goes 57 mph, the next one will do 150 mph, is perfectly street legal, and don't ask me how the hell he sees where he's going. A fun Six Flags ride maybe but I wouldn't take it out where the SUXs are.
Kyalami: A picture from race 1 of the rain-drenched WSBK race in South Africa a couple weeks ago. The water here actually looks doable, but it got ALOT worse (mud sliding down the track), and when you realize they're going 140 mph on the turns on slick tires, you realize how hard a race this was and why they cancelled race 2.
On one wheel: Another stunter from the pic site.
Quad exhausts: On an R1.
Hornet: Yet another awesome bike we Americans can't get. A 97 horsepower, light as a feather standard. The SV650 (it's the bike I want to buy) is great, but come on, it makes 68 HP.
CBR900RR revisited: Rear quarter view.

That's enough for now.