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After my constant fighting with the abundantly mediocre Wordpad on my last paper, I have acquired Word 97. I tried to get Clarisworks for Windows, but to no avail. Staroffice was recommended, but I finally decided on Word 97 (figuring the 97 version might not be as bad and bloated as say Word 2K1). There are annoying parts, but it's already much less obtuse than Wordpad. I think I'll keep it (but lose the paper clip).

Last night my friend and I were at the Wal-Mart, and started testing out the bicycles. We were doing stoppies in the lawn n garden section! Then this lady and this guy with huge rotting teeth ran over and told us to leave! Hehehe, it was great. I told them I was thinking of buying the bike and how could I decide if I didn't test it out? They said it was a liability issue and we were doing "stunts". Heh.

I went for a very long ride on my bike, about 7 miles (hey, may not sound like much but when you're pedaling, that's some distance). I had a near get-off coming off a curb onto a pot-hole. I was glad I was wearing gloves, shoes, jeans, and a jacket. Also, the "drivetrain" is having problems. The chain has too much tension and comes off the sprocket if you don't pedal constantly. I'm not sure how to fix that.

I had to travel 1171 (Main Street) in a town called Lewisville for my job. This was rush hour. Get this, they had it down to a ONE LANE. For repairs. They had fucking traffic cops standing out moving their arms around. For 20 minutes the road was one way THIS way, and for 20 minutes the road was one way THAT way. After a while of that bullshit, I decided to try my luck on another road, so I put it in 1st and took a right turn and took off, the police man making wild arm movements and blowing his dumbass-whistle after me all the while. This was rush hour. Thunk they coulda done it ANY OTHER TIME?

I put in my notice at work, and they've already hired a new guy, who I'm training. I had to ride with him, he drives like my great-grandmother. You know, those people travelling 10-15 mph slower than the flow of traffic? I drive the hell out of that van. I like to see how low I can get the mileage computer to go.