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It's going to be in the 90s this week. 95� on Friday for the high temp. Will that be a positive or negative influence on my nasty allergies? I don't know. Wish I knew.

I forgot to mention in my last post the Superbike races on Sunday. Race #1 was outstanding. Edwards and Bayliss juked for top spot the whole race, Edwards had it most of the last lap, they were elbow to elbow coming down one of the final straights, then Bayliss made his move and just edged him out in the last eighth of a mile. Corser and Bostrom didn't finish either race. Second race ended similarly, and Bayliss has taken the series lead over Corser. Anyways, excellent races.

Then we watched the Formula Extreme race at Sears Point (in California), which was fun to see. Lots more hills and a lot more variety in the track itself. Plus the bikes were all different, with 750s racing against 1000 twins and 1300 fours, with all kinds of different parts. I wish there were a real racetrack near D/FW (TMS doesn't count).

I saw a Jack in the Box ad on TV... the Carnivores vs. the Vegans. Huh huh.

Mr. McVeigh has received a "stay" of execution. Seems over 3200 pages of documents relating to the case weren't brought out during the trial. I don't want to sound like a "conspiratist", but does it sound to anyone else as if McVeigh WANTS to take credit for doing everything himself, wants that spotlight, wants to seem monolithic, regardless of whether he had lots of help?

So I got in this big argument with my new co-worker (age:67) about Social Security. Bottom line, just another reason to NOT discuss politics in polite company. He took it so personally and almost started shouting at one point. ��sigh��

On movies, ones I must see: maybe I was a bit hasty to say A Knight's Tale--but it does have Heath Ledger, and he was pretty good in 10 Things. To add to Evolution and Disney's great-looking Atlantis, Pearl Harbor and Shrek look pretty seeable.

My parents received a ticket from the ever-vigilant FWPD last week... for parking the Jimmy (a scary truck-like thing) in front of their house. Now, understand that even with a car parked on either side of the street, there is still room for two cars to pass each other easily going opposite directions. What I heard was that it had something to do with leaves being collected near and around the Jimmy's tires. Uh huh. So they (parents) said "where would you prefer we park it?" and they (shitty cops) replied "driveway or garage" and they (parents) showed them (shitty cops) the garage and driveway filled with vehicles... Anyways, the Jimmy is NOW parked illegally in the backyard. City says you can't park on your own grass (guess it's not really your grass then, is it?). So they'll probably get a ticket for that. Class A job, FWPD.

Oh yes, and a law was passed finally last week which gives insurance companies the ability to refuse money for any injuries sustained during any recreational activity. Motorcycling, biking, skiing, snowmobiling, ATVing, even jogging or playing a sport... no longer covered, basically. Only injuries sustained while sitting on your couch watching TV will be covered... The ORIGINAL intent of the bill was to prevent businesses from discriminating against those who participate in recreational activities... but it was twisted around into this, which is an utter reversal of the original intent. This will have some strong repercussions.

So I went and picked this guy up in Shady Shores yesterday. He mentioned on the phone that he had a motorcycle trailer in the front yard (as a landmark). So I thought I'd ask him what kind of bikes he had. Well, I asked him as we were backing out of his driveway and he asked if I wanted to see them. So we went to his garage and OMG! This guy builds custom cruisers, and when I say custom, I mean he builds everything himself and they cost over $75,000! He had one from last year which had won best of show at a couple of shows, but the one he's almost done with now is amazing!! This thing is over 10 feet long! The front fork tubes are about 5 feet! The paint plays tricks with your eyes, it's bizarre! The paint is maroon with these amazing pictures that shift as the angle you view them at changes! I never knew... The shifter is a huge pedal like thing with daggers. The seat is alligator skin. The rear tire is thicker than the ones on my Stealth! There are no cables anywhere, everything is within the tubes. The cam belt is enormous! Everything on it is a work of fucking art! The engine is a heavily breathed-upon 1751cc twin, the cleanest-looking engine you've ever seen. I'm not sure I could ride this bike myself (the extremely lazy rake of the front end alone would make the bike extremely gimpy in any turn), but it was shocking to look at! Looks like something Spawn or Ghost Rider would ride... Anyways, he's off to a bike show this weekend and then Sturgis soon, where he hopes to take first place again. His other bike was featured on TV and in several magazines (he had them framed, hanging on the walls of the garage). Now, big giant choppers aren't really my bag, but I've seen lots of them in magazines and on Speedvision... and this maroon one is probably the nicest I've ever seen! And the guy was really nice and really well-spoken as well.